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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chico's Customer Service: The Saga Continues

This is such an old story that I no longer am filled with irritation when I think about it. However, since Noelle got in touch with me again, saying that she did not get the email I sent her (note to Chico's: work on communication issues) and that I should get in touch with Robert Konst, I decided to follow up. Mr. Konst responded and offered to speak to me, within the confines of his busy schedule. I decided to reply by email and sent him a short note, followed by my two annoying email exchanges with a customer service rep and an excerpt from my blog post.

And, dear readers, I will let you know what the response from Mr. Konst is.

Here's the note I sent him.

Dear Mr. Konst,

I am busy as well, so I will send you copies of my blog post on the customer service followed by my email exchange with customer service. Let me say that it is extremely frustrating to take the time to compose a message to customer service and then to receive an email that fails to address directly a single issue! As it happens, I bought a few things from your company when I visited a FL store in late December. There I had additional trouble using the coupons sent to my internet account (as an example--the manager said I could not use the coupon but that the 20% off promotion "might be as good as" the 50% coupon I was sent. I pointed out that that was mathematically impossible. To her credit, she did unravel things and bought my mother, who is a more than excellent customer, a cup of coffee at Starbucks). I do love the things I bought on that trip and wear them all the time. I probably would buy more than I do now, but am filled with irritation whenever I think of the issues recounted below and in this email.

It would have been an easy task to send me a cancellation notice (I never did get one). It would have been almost as easy to send a free shipping coupon, especially since one was offered during that time period. It would have been extra nice to let me know that the pants were available again.

Even if you can't do any of those things given the rules of your customer service, at the least the rep could say something like "We're sorry that we didn't send you a cancellation. We know how frustrating it can be."

Let me know if you want further elaboration of my issues. Thank you,

And so: what do you think would be a good response from Mr. K?


Funny about Money said...

heh heh heh... He'll send you a coupon that Chico's won't accept. Obviously!

Shelley said...

I doubt I've grasped the details of your experience, but I guess maybe a genuine apology followed by provision of a free pair of slacks, if that was what you were trying to buy. A promise to improve on staff training? Or, you could get what I did when I complained of the poor service at an Italian restaurant near us: "You no like? Then, don't come back." So we haven't.

Duchesse said...

I've developed customer service training for managers in the retail sector. I find they often have issues beyond their control that result in customer dissatisfaction. That's not an excuse- and telling a dissatisfied customer how busy your schedule does not impress me. I'm eager to hear what he says.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--That is probably what will happen.

@Shelley--I wrote on this issue earlier (twice). I can't believe you were told that at a restaurant. I would still be steaming.

@Duchesse--As a teacher, I may be in the customer service biz--at least insofar as I deal with occasional complaints and meltdowns, which I try to defuse. I learned after many years to take a Zen posture--and offer more than what was asked for. I am curious too...