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Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Spring: Free and Cheap Entertainment

No one was more surprised than I was when Mr. FS was offered a job in Louisiana. I said, "That sounds like a weird place." Then I was offered a job a few years later.

So twenty years later, I can cook gumbo, get all the references in articles about the HBO show Treme (oh, how I hope someone with HBO will tape it!), know about that contested term Creole, and free people of color, and stuff like that. Both my children say that they're glad to have grown up in a place with a distinct and distinctive culture.

April brings not only Jazz Fest (not cheap, but totally worth it) but a host of free or close to free musical events. Let's not even talk about the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. Let's just look at freebies and cheepies in my little town across the lake.

Every Thursday in April: Rockin' the Rails at the Trailhead: Soul Revival, Ingrid Lucia, Paul Sanchez. Blackened Blues Band, Paula and the Pontiacs.

Then we are lucky enough to be invited to a musical evening where we all chip in for the musicians: This month we will have a Chicago singer who is also performing at Jazz Fest.

We just got an email about this concert at the Dew Drop Inn: On April 17 from 1-5 pm the Dew Drop will stage its third Tamarma mini jazz festival that continues a celebration of New Orleans based contemporary bands and groups that specialize in various forms of world music while still acknowledging roots in traditional New Orleans jazz.
The four hour concert, funded by a grant from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, will feature European and traditional New Orleans jazz from 1-2 pm by the 7-piece band The Loose Marbles; Brazilian and American jazz standards song in English and Portuguese by Sasha Masokowski joined by her father, noted guitarist and teacher Steve Masokowksi from 2-3 pm; gypsy and South American jazz underscored by New Orleans jazz by two seven string classic jazz guitarists, John Rankin and Don Vappie joined by bassist Jesse Boyd from 3-4 pm; swing dance jazz of America and Europe by the six piece New Orleans Jazz Vipers from 4-5 pm.
There will be outside food and arts and crafts vendors lining a portion of Lamarque Street for this event in addition to food provide by ladies of the next door First Free Mission Baptist Church.

Plus, the third Friday features a free concert on the Bogue Falaya River.
The third Sunday features a free concert at a local church, followed by snacks.
Plus, the LPO is playing for free some day or other.

How will I choose?

Even if you don't live in a musical paradise, I'm sure there are similar event indoors and out wherever you are. Check them out!


Shelley said...

We have the Fish Quay festival near us - about 5 minutes away. It used to be free, but now they charge an entrance fee. I'm still trying to decide if I want to see James Morrison or not...

New Orleans is one of the places in the US I most want to show Bill. I loved my one visit there in 1980. I have a diary that Mom kept when she was 24, I think, about 1946. Her step-dad moved them there when he took work down there. She mentions that they bought a house on St. Charles? for $6,000. I must find that diary and look it up for the next time I get to go there. She loved living in New Orleans.

When not in Lehigh Oklahoma, Mom had previously lived in Monroe, LA in 1930, with her grandmother; I don't know what my Grandmother was getting up to then...

We are busy painting this weekend and probably the next weekend or two...I hope to have a kitchen reno story to share soon!

Duchesse said...

There are so many remarkable musicians in the world, and those playing at these events are as (or even more) heartfelt performers than those filling the big halls. Have a marvelous time!