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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Cast of Characters at the Thrift Shop: Me, Myself, and I

A few days ago, Duchesse, a Blogger of precise elegance, wrote a post about the cast of characters that inhabits her closet. She's trying to eliminate some of the characters (e.g. I'm with the Band) and stick to two (e.g. yogini). The characters mentioned in the comments are great: my favorite is probably deconstructed dramatic.

I, of course, can't figure out what my character should be. If I said deconstructed dramatic, everyone would laugh, as everyone laughed when I said my role model was Dorothea Brooke of Middlemarch.

One thing about thrift shopping is that you can experiment with various characters and, if you make a mistake, it's no big deal. It's fun to try on characters. It's even--shades of Dorothea Brooke--virtuous, because the thrift store makes money both when you buy something and then when someone else buys your donation.

My thrift store foray of today exemplifies the contradictory character mix. First, the new red headed cashier showed me a pair of capris by Vineyard Vines, with an attached price tag of $125.00. I'm not really preppy, but I loved the little whales on the inside of the waistband.

Then I found some other things. I believe this was an instance of thrift store karma because I couldn't think of anything to write about today and because I've been meaning to comment on Duchesse's post. I just couldn't think of my character: disheveled professor? crabby teacher? sarcastic scruffy?

So here are my characters to experiment with, courtesy of today's therapeutic visit (more therapeutic than my visit to the physical therapist for my back and leg pain).

1. Preppy capris
2. Athleta yoga pants (for the upscale exerciser)
3. Carlisle silk anorak with a print midway between leopard and camouflage (for the rich lady)

Do you--shades of Walt Whitman--contradict yourself?


Anonymous said...

My closet is stuffed with stuff I found in the thrift store, but wouldn't actually wear to campus... I've been thinking of my thrift store habit lately as a variation on "playing dress up" as a kid. I can't think of a character who does "classic with funky touches."

Duchesse said...

Such fun reading of your incomparable thrift store karma crossed with my "characters" post. Trying to meld my characters into one- Retired French Professor?
She is wearing:
- B/w stripe silk-cashmere sweater, Eric Bompard
- black jersey calf-length skirt, made for me by local designer
- Taryn Rose flats, given by friend who made size mistake
- jade and pearl earrings, gift of DH
- Huge grey pearl ring, eBay
- Hermes watch w/ orange croc band

Frugal Scholar said...

@Terri--I think classic with funky touches is a great character.

@Duchesse--Sorry about the delayed comment. Love retired French professor: what is your book? Baudelaire's Fleurs du mal?