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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frugal College Cooking: Immersion Blender

I am having so much fun conceptualizing Lucy Marmalade's en suite cooking next year. Some people define creativity as problem-solving. I agree, which is why frugality also is a creative activity.

Like many people, I have a Robot Coupe processor gathering dust. I use it now and then, but it is a pain and I hate to clean it. My most-used appliance is an el cheapo immersion or stick blender. I love it! Even if you are not in a dorm, you should get one. i love making soup, but always hated pureeing in a blender: it was messy even if all went well. If all didn't go well, you would have pureed carrot soup all over your kitchen and a few burns to boot.

With the immersion blender, you just stick it in the soup pot and push the button. It is also excellent for smoothies (warning: you need a tall container for this. I use something meant to hold utensils on a counter).

To clean your immersion blender, just rinse it off. Seldom do I really need to wash it.

Now I don't know how much soup Lucy M. will be cooking. But the blenders are so cheap that it doesn't matter. I scoff at suggestions to buy a Cuisinart version or a Braun. I'm still using one I got at Walmart for $11.00 many years ago.

I just looked on Amazon and here is the cheapie I will get Lucy. From the comments, I learned that this was recommended by Cook's Illustrated magazine:


Chance said...

Love the immersion blender! I actually use ours constantly. She'll be able to do smoothies and all kinds of snackage and cooking. Very good addition to the stash IMHO

FB @ said...

Why did I not know about this before?

I should look into buying one of these, because I like to puree and make lots of different, smooth, creamy things, but my arm is getting tired from the work.

Duchesse said...

Does she have a crock pot?

simple in France said...

My MIL has one of these and it sure beats transferring the soup items from the pot to the blender and back!

That said, I have no blender whatsoever. I tend to just make chunky soups--or I tend to mash things with a spoon (phew!).

I have a phobia of collecting more appliances though after all of our moving. Until we settle down, I'll be content to use my MIL's kitchen equipment ;)

Anonymous said...

Since I bought mine I use it more than my magimix - it is much easier to clean. I will also add a stick blender to the list of things to get for my 18 year old when she goes to university in the autumn - she likes soup, and smoothies.

see you there! said...

Yep, the "stick" is a great idea and like you I have a cheap one (looks a lot like the pic you posted)

PS - I'll dig out the CP recipes.

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--It's amazing how many people don't know about these. GET ONE.
@Duchesse-I can get her one; I'm not sure if she'll use it. I'm going to write a post on this shortly.
@simple--I first learned of these in a cookbook written by an American who was living in France.
@alienne--oooh. whagt college is your daughter going to? I love the
living quarter in the old ones...

@see you--Thanks! They have to be easy...

Tina said...

I love mine, too--purchased because you mentioned it in an earlier post.

It doesn't do so well at blending frozen berries into orange juice. But it's great when you have a lot of fairly soft things, especially in a larger container, such as a soup pot.

@ Duchesse: You could use it in a crock pot, BTW, because it doesn't bang around. Its blades are contained within a perforated dome-shaped shield. I wouldn't mix a milkshake in my Polish crystal, but it would work in hardier stoneware or coke-bottle glassware.