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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reversal of the Reversal: Adventures with Virgin Mobile's Egregious Customer Service

Reversing the reversal. Is that like "Begin the beguine"? Mr. FS said we needed to resolve the issue with Virgin Mobile. I said I was afraid to even try, since talks with three reps yielded three sets of instructions, each of which was declared incorrect by the subsequent representative.

I decided to call Amex first. I wrote a narrative to help with my phone call.
1. FS noticed two charges for $20.60 on May 1.
2. FS called Virgin to see if one charge was a duplicate.
3. Virgin said they could not help since it was Lucy M's phone and I did not know PIN 4. The rep suggested that I call Amex instead.
5. Lucy's phone service was suspended.
6. Called Virgin and supervisor said we should never have called Amex because it set certain irrevocable things into motion. We said rep had instructed us to do that. Supervisor said rep was mistaken. Rep said she would solve problem if we "reversed the reversal" ion a 3-way call with Amex and Virgin. Mr. FS did so.
7. Daughter's phone service not reinstated.
8. Called Virgin again and the supervisor said there was no record of the 3-way call set up by the other supervisor and that, in any case, that was against regulations. She told us to call Amex and have the reversal reversed.
9. Couldn't deal with this and waited....gave our phone to Lucy since we never use it anyway.
10. Girded our loins and called Amex. I got mixed up and told Mr. FS to get on. Apparently the reversal will be reversed. We are supposed to call Virgin and tell them to be on the lookout for a LETTER from Amex, since that is how reversals are reversed.
11. Next step....who knows?

Meanwhile, we got a letter from Amex saying that our query had been resolved in our favor and that we were getting $30.90 back (wrong amount). One Virgin rep insisted that Lucy had bought $20.60 in minutes twice in one day. Lucy M. denied this. Second rep said that it was indeed Virgin's mistake.

I have a feeling that we will end up being out the money and that poor Lucy will never get her service back. In any case, even if she gets the service back, we will be going elsewhere once she uses up her minutes.

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