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Thursday, July 1, 2010

For my Fashionista Readers Only: ELM

So fashionistas: a while back I wrote about UAL (aka United Apparel Liquidators), which, I aver, is the best store in the whole world. Amazing that it should be in my town. I seldom go. In fact, I NEVER go by myself, but wait till Lucy Marmalade is home. UAL has a group of nice salespeople, but a very hard sell, since they get commissions.

Does everyone remember when the divine Metscan wrote about a line called ELM, which is little known in the United States?

Look at the email I got from UAL:
Nobody does a sale better than a liquidator. You will leave stunned at the deals you've been given...everyone does.

Each UAL is stuffed full of already-great deals at an extra half off retail! Look for sales in all your favorites: Dallin Chase, Christopher Deane, Michelle Jonas, Sanctuary, 2b.Rych and so much more. Guys--we didn't forget you. We have sales on men's apparel and shoes too, in select locations.

Additionally, you MUST come in and take a look at all the fabulous newness we've been getting. The new Reykjavik line ELM will knock your socks off.

I'll let you know what they have.


metscan said...

Great! I´m waiting for an e-mail from the shop that sells ELM over here. I so wish to see the next season IRL. The summer pieces have been great. I think that you in US will get the new season first. Good luck!

see you there! said...

There actually is a store that carries ELM near me. Every brand they carry is wonderful - and expensive. Good luck on finding a big sale.

Anonymous said...
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Frugal Scholar said...

@metscane--Everything looked TERRIBLE on me. I was so disappointed. I'm 5'6"--maybe I'm not tall enough?

@see you--The clothing is beautiful. The prices were fine. But I looked so bad...

Duchesse said...

We have a boutique that carries the line here, I'd say they flatter tall, slim women but not short or even average. I really like the clothes but they are narrow for me, and ample 14-16.