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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chico's Answered! Because of My Post?

Dream on. Is it a coincidence that after almost a week of NOT responding to this poor woman, Chico's/Kim DID respond a mere 8 hours after I posted a criticism? Probably it IS a coincidence, though my blog-(com)plaints about my own customer service woes elicited a response from Chico's...sort of.

Here is the response from Kim. The first sentence reminds me of a lot of emails I get from students about assignments.

I did respond to you but for some reason my personal message wouldn’t go through to you on facebook.
I have similar body issues—I woke up one morning to find an Alien in my stomach. I literally did avoid seeing people for a while until I got a grip. Women in exercise class were (are) complementing for being pregnant, but it was my menopause. My solution. Keep working out, but don’t look in the mirror!
First thing to do is to start wearing body-shaping undies. Next was to find pants that fit. I have no problem with pull-on pants as long as it’s my secret—i.e. do not show the waistband, which is what I love about Chico’s jeggings.
I also drew upon all my fashion expertise to figure out how to dress in a more flattering way. Wear a dark monochromatic base to elongate and slim your silhouette—as you are doing by wearing black cargo pants and a black tee. But then draw attention to other parts of your body—colorful scarf, chunky necklace, tailored jacket for shape etc. My fav pulled together look is black pants, black tailored jacket and a white ruffled shirt. The ruffles hide my middle & the tailored jacket gives shape. Also accessories are now your best friend, because they boost can your mood and your look and always fit.
I wrote about this transition extensively in my latest book What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life. It has lots of how-to takeaway, but also inspiring women’s stories and my own about how our bodies and lives are evolving. I think you might enjoy it.
Hope all this helps. Be patient with yourself and don’t give up!
Also conversation #4 is being launched tomorrow.

The Chico's customer was so grateful for the response, though, as she noted, much wasn't really appropriate to an 83 year old Florida-living surgery-recovering woman.

Bless you for answering, Kim. I am 83, live in Florida, which keeps me in a perpetual state of hot flushes, so jackets just heat me up! And shirts actually don't go around my diaphram and 42 bust any longer! After hip replacement, my favorite pace walking was out, so being unable to walk my usual 5 miles per day was a jolt to burning calories for me! Even my daily aerobics became a painful project I eventually dropped. Now I simply attend a 50+ Fitness group and do what I can. Big lifestyle change! Caloric intake is very low, as just breathing food odors seems to add weight! C'est la vie. If Chico can design some forgiving tops for us older fans, we would appreciate feeling wanted still by the company to which I and many others in my peer group became addicted lo, these many years!
PS, the only glance I give the mirror is definitely ABOVE the neck! Weight is flattering up there!!!

When a few people suggested that Chico's was showing ageism, I (mentally) scoffed. When I (56) go to Chico's, I am usually the youngest person in the store. Yet I now think ageism might be an appropriate term. Who would tell an 83 year old to squeeze into Spanx and to keep working out? What a wonderful spirit the customer has though, don't you think?


FB @ said...

I feel bad for the woman. She sounds absolutely lovely and it's a shame they don't actually answer what she's asking :\

Anonymous said...

I think this is hilarious...Chico's response is so "boilerplate." Only buy their stuff off thrift store racks.

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--Me too. She sounds so sweet.

@Terri--It is. Chico's is a great thrift store find.

metscan said...

Chico´s answer indeed was a very good one, but as said above, it gave very little for the lady, who wished a problem solution for her ; )

Marcela said...

I tried to send the woman a private message on facebook (since I am already there) with a link to this blog but she doesn't have that option...

As for Chico's response, definitely not for an 83 year old living in Florida and recovering from surgery. I hope she'll find someone nicer to help her,she sounds adorable! She would need someone like Cameron Diaz in "In her shoes";)

see you there! said...

The response seems to be a plug for her book which I tried to read but found boring. I think Duchess did a post on the book - I thought it was basically a waste of paper.


see you there! said...

PS - apparently I can't spell my own name this early in the morning.



Gayle Ann Berg said...

A very generic answer to a very specific query. Did they even read the woman's entire post!

Funny about Money said...

Ah! Kim must be one of my students! Can't read...

LOL! I'm worried about that "alien" in Kim's belly. Menopause doesn't make you look pregnant. But a tumor does.

Is there any way we can suggest Kim visit her M.D.?

Frugal Scholar said...

@metscan--We have better advice here, alas, though she will never see it.

@marcela--she lives near my mother, so maybe I'll see her in Florida. That WOULD be funny.

@see you--I just requested the book from the library, so I will see for myself. She seems to be full of self-hatred, perhaps because she was a model in her youth.

@Gayle Ann-It seems not.

@Funny--Yes, no one READS.

Duchesse said...

Everything I inferred about Kim Gross from reading her vacuous book is repeated in her response to the woman from FL. She continues to display a blend of narcissism, self-loathing and ineptitude in her Chico's role.

I did post on the book, along with Mary Karr's "Lit", which I admired.