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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Query: What should Apple-Shaped Women Wear? Chico's Customer Service Again.

This is my public service question. I was wasting time--oops, perusing--the Chico's Facebook page. I was going to write a post about such pages...maybe not. And you all know (if you happen to remember) that I had an awful customer service experience with Chico's way back when. Anyway, a few days ago, some poor customer asked this question of Kim Gross, formerly of Chic Simple, who is now doing a gig with Chico's.

Kim, I'm becoming desperate! Have a closet filled with Chico clothes which no longer fit my ageing apple shaped body! You know the type: full top, diaphram and belly protruded from spine shrinkage, butt and thighs never a problem, but I have NO WAIST!
All my Platinum jeans are now too high waisted and cannot close, and I finally found the Perfect Ponte Pants last night, in black and gray, but NO tops that were full enough to buy! Florida is hot most of the year, so I'd love a longish Ponte vest, not fitted but maybe flared. An I need tops that are not body hugging! My hair is silver, my height now 5'3 (down 3 inches!) and at 83, I still want to look stylishly casual in Chico's chic!
Can anyone help me? PS, I at least have all the colors in a knit vest from last spring, black, gray, lime and blue. But I need things to go under them!

No response, even though Kim has responded to some others. Today, another post from the same person.

So this is "next week"; where is Conversation Four"?
Right now, I'm wearing my cargo pants in black, with a black short sleeve Tee. The waistline on the pants is curled over, causing even more lumps and bumps than I already have!
After about 20 years of wearing only Chico clothes and loving every one I bought, I'm desperate now that a medication I cannot live without has caused me to gain more pounds than I care to admit to, and I've gone from size 1 pants to a 3 in those forgiving Ponte Pants I just bought! I was kind of hoping Kim or someone would answer my previous post regarding a forgiving look for my apple-shape figure which is now 5'3" (Down from 5'6"!). I wouldn't even KNOW how to shop anywhere other than Chico, and everyone has always admired my Chico "look". Now I hate to leave the house, since I am feeling like a barrel!
Any suggestions to help my problem...please?

Man, I wish Kim or a Chico's rep would respond to this woman. If you ladies come up with something, I'll join Facebook and post a reply. I don't really want to be "Friends" with a store (that's what I was going to write about, actually), but may do so.

It's funny, my beef with Chico's was, after the initial abysmal customer service, their lack of responsiveness--even after I sent a follow-up email saying that not responding was rather insulting to the customer!

Chico's rides again. What can I say?


Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't join Facebook just to comment on Chico's. But I agree with you-- someone who's already "liked" Chico's page should definitely comment on this.

I just don't understand companies that publish e-mail addresses and establish social networking accounts, and then neglect to participate in their own networks.

Marcela said...

Oh Dear, poor woman!
I just googled Chicos because I had no idea what it was, but as a rule I would tell her to stop shopping there! If the service is not good and if they can't reply to her message or provide her with in store attention that is worth it, as daunting as it may seem for someone in the situation she described, I think she should shop elsewhere. Look for a store with a free stylist (I hear some Macys, Bloomingdales, etc have them and there's no need to buy. She could at least get some interesting advice). WNTW website has some videos with tips
She could also check Imogen Lamport's website about how to dress her shape. And then take courage and just start trying on clothes trying to love her body as it is now. Sometimes we are our worst critics and that is not helpful!

Duchesse said...

Agree, it's poor service. I'm not impressed with Kim Gross; on my blog I reviewed her book "What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life", which is a waste of money. I'm skeptical that she is the sole writer of the Facebook responses, anyway.

This woman's attire problems are shared by so many in their 80s, dressing around a bowed spine. She might walk from Chicos (at least for all clothes) and talk to the nice people at Nordstrom. THEY know customer service.

Funny about Money said...


We should form some sort of a collective with a Facebook page and use that to post comments on commercial sites. Maybe we could have it get us a communal Amazon Prime subscription, too. ;-)

I'm with you: I don't care to be "friends" with a multinational corporation. Or heck...even a local corporation.

More than poor service is at work here: it's ageism. Kim probably feels she doesn't need to bother with some senile old bat. I mean, much could the doddering old fool have to spend on Chico's clothing out of her Social Security? Besides, who cares what some short, barrel-shaped old lady looks like, anyway?

Gayle Ann Berg said...

To ignore this poor woman's request is extremely rude...

I completely agree with the suggestion from Duchesse. This woman would enjoy the excellent customer service at Nordstrom.

Duchesse said...

Funny's nailed it: reeks of ageism. If you read Gross' book, you do not need to look b/t the lines to infer that she is extremely concerned about looking young. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume her response to the letter was "Ewwww!"

Mary said...

I'm friends with Ann Taylor and Talbots on Facebook and I need to "unfriend" them because their intent is working on me. They post notices of sales and pictures of cute outfits and I find myself clicking over to their website. Not very frugal!

On the other hand, I got a $15 off anything coupon from Ann Taylor for my birthday this week so I stopped by the store in Atlanta. I managed to find a shirt I'd been looking for. It was marked down to $20 so, with tax, I got it for $5.34. I doubt that was what they had in mind when they started sending the birthday cards but it worked for me!

Anonymous said...

I posted my reply to the post after this before I read this forgive me, if my reply was offensive.

I like Funny's idea.

Facebook would be the LAST place I would expect to receive solid style advice.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Ms M-That's true--although I noticed today that they responded to some complaints.

@marcela--I wish I could tell her! Somehow, I don't think Chico's would let me recommend a trip to Nordstroms on their site!

@Duchesse--I knew I had read an unfavorable review somewhere. Thanks for reminding me it was yours. Even her response to the woman is filled with self-hatred.

@Funny--Revenge fantasies! BTW, since your son is taking college classes, he can get a free Amazon prime for the year. That is, if you really want Amazon Prime. Not sure if you were joking. My son got it.

@Duchesse--Oh, and of course you're right--she is probably not writing the responses herself.

@Gayle Ann--do you think the nice woman could find my blog? With all the helpful suggestions in the comments? I hope so.

@Mary--I confess that I get email announcements (not through Facebook from various stores. Occasionally it's a good deal and wroth following up. More usually, as you mention, it ends up being a time suck.

@Terri-I didn't think wht you said was offensive...but thanks for being concerned. And thanks, as always, for your comments.

fern said...
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