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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Asian Garden Stools at Big Lots: Cheap-er Chic

A while back I wrote a post ecstatically chronicling my purchase of 2 maroon Asian garden stools at Big Lots: with my 20% off coupon, they were $16.00 each.

Like big clip-on earrings and a few other things, these add chic to any--and every-- environment. It's rare that one can find a staple of shelter magazines at such a ridiculously low price: at Pottery Barn, they are $150 and they go up, up, up.

I was recently at the Big Lots near my place of employ. I noticed that they had 8 garden stools in blue. I hadn't seen any at my local Big Lots since I bought my two last spring. They were in the sale section, but had a tag saying "Special: $20," which was the price they were to begin with.

I decided to get two more anyway. I have a couple of spots for them, plus I can see the pair used as a coffee table in Miss Em's first apartment. When I got to the register, I said, "These were in the sale section. Are you sure they are not $10?" The cashier checked, and said "No. They are not $10; they are $5."

Yipes! I told the cashier the many ways you could use these in your home, and she said she would consider getting some. I must do what I can to spread the karma.

Here's a blogger who chronicles some of her Cheap Chic sources and mentions the Big Lots stools: Odi et Amo. (Very snazzy name: from Catullus).

Here is some more from the same blogger with many chic pics of the garden stools.

While I was there, I picked up some College Inn Thai broth for a mere 50 cents for a 32 oz. box.

How I love thee, Big Lots. When I fear the budget cuts beyond my control, I can at least look at my stylish Asian accents and prepare some luscious Asian curry.


Duchesse said...

You know and love these stools but how about a photo for those of us without a Big Lots but curious?

Frugal Scholar said...

Duchesse, I am really pitiful with technology of all sorts. Click on the first Odi et Amo link and scroll down. You will see a photo of the store display.

Gayle Ann Berg said...

I've never seen a Big Lots store. Have you scored many great bargains there?

These stools look very stylish and practical! Will have to look for these at my thrifty haunts!

Duchesse said...

I love the cinnabar ones and can see all kinds of uses.

Frugal Scholar said...

@GAyle Ann--I looked you up--there are 2 in the Minneapolis area. Mostly, I buy organic/gourmet food at Big Lots. I don't know if I would make a trip there: it is right to the grocery I frequent.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Cinnabar--are those the ones I call maroon? I have two of that color. It is the best of the lot, I think. They reside on my grandma's Oriental rug in my living room.

Genuine Lustre said...

LOL-- my idea of a fun day is go trolling in places like Big Lots. Gabriel Bros. is another similar store in PA and NE Ohio. It is there I buy my Sofft Shoes for $25 or less. I've been adding class to my home by buying up silver at Goodwill. Yesterday I got a beautiful silver candelabra for $1.50.