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Monday, January 17, 2011

ERGHHH. Black and Decker Toaster Oven Disaster

Not quite. But my whole house smells like smoke. Luckily, Mr. FS put the toast in (as I am known for being a klutz). He produced a black piece of what-used-to-be toast. This is a dangerous machine, poorly designed. For details, see the NEGATIVE reviews. Unfortunately, I was swayed by the positives.

Remember how happy I was with my purchase? Well, no more. Evidently, I cannot return to Amazon, but must return to Black and Decker. UGH. Not worth the cost of mailing the product.

So....readers...what should I do?

And, if I have to replace, which one should I buy?


FB @ said...

ARRGH I HATE it when that happens!

I have no recommendations as I don't toast anything but I feel your pain.

Duchesse said...

I can't tell what problem is: inaccurate gauge? Thick slice got stuck?

If you mail a defective product for return, I would ask for refund that included shipping. Toasters are heavy.

I don't know what to buy (we toast on the Aga's top) but will be interested as have to get one when we move to new home in June.

Funny about Money said...

What an aggravation!

Black & Decker products, in my experience, leave something to be desired.

Is there a B&D dealer near you? If you have to ship it, consider whether the shipping cost is the same or nearly the same as the cost of buying a new one. If so, I'd toss the darned thing in the trash and send a dear-sir-you-cur letter to the president of B&D.

Is it a toaster oven or just a toaster? Can't offer advice on toaster ovens, as my counters aren't large enough to accommodate one of those.

The toaster, once a reliable kitchen mainstay, has declined in quality to the level of junk. I finally found a Krups that works reasonably well, and it's lasted a long time.

Over at Amazon, though, it doesn't look like ANY of the toaster ovens is without scary design flaws. Now I don't feel so guilty for melting cheese on toast under the regular oven's broiler.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of but if toasters are like microwaves, it sounds like they're not making them like they used to.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Thanks all for your sympathy. We are girding our loins to contact b and D, but w/out much hope for anything other than irritation. It DOES seem that the toaster oven is an inherently junky appliance--at all price points, alas.