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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Trivial Post for Troubling Times, with Hermes and Marcel Proust

I haven't posted for a few days. How to write about my little frugal adventures when so much bad stuff is going on?

Anyway, after 30 years of hoping to find one, here is my latest thrift purchase. After reading around the internet, I'm quite sure it is the real thing: weighs around 2.2 oz, has the detailing, has handrolled hem stitched to the front, etc.

I suppose trivial things are the most important. Or so says Mr. FS. Actually, Mr. FS attributes the idea to his favorite writer, Marcel Proust.

Are there any trivial events you would like to celebrate?


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

Lovely lovely lovely!
Hermes scarves are so fabulous...and you can wear this with so many things.
Congratulations on your find!

Anonymous said...

Amazing find! Are you being snowed upon today?

Deja Pseu said...

w00t! as the kids say.

That's a nice one, great find! I had the Shoe Sale deities smile on me big time this morning, but am saving the surprise for a post later this week. ;-)

Duchesse said...

Wow!! I have seen them in consignment stores but not thrifts. (But then I don't visit thrifts very often, now that my sons don't need more fun run t-shirts or ball caps for camp.)

How did this happen? Enjoy!

metscan said...

So you have been searching for a Hermes scarf for 30 years, and now you found one. You must feel very, very happy. And you have all the right to be happy.
I must be programmed the other way around. I feel mostly so relieved, when I am able to give, donate something I don´t need to someone as a surprise.

Frugal Scholar said...

@hostess--Thanks! The colors are wonderful. I would probably have picked's lucky I got something different.

@Terri--No snow, thank heavens. Cold though. You should see what I'm wearing--indoors.

@Deja--can't wait to see your find.

@Duchesse-It was in the basket with the other scarves. there was nothing else around remotely of that quality...wonder how it got there.

Pearl said...

Congratulations! About 23 years ago, my very wonderful and ladylike boss's boss gave me a Hermes scarf as a going away prezzie when I left the crazy world of book publishing for grad school. Completely unexpected and one of the best gifts ever. I wear it at the most important meetings/moments of my life.

Frugal Scholar said...

@metscan--Well, it wasn't a burning desire, just a small one. I like to keep things circulating myself. Here's hoping more will go out than will come in in 2011.

@Pearl--what a wonderful gift! I am determined to wear mine,

Funny about Money said...

What a beautiful scarf.

The design looks so familiar...hmmmm.... My mother adored things like that. She had half a drawerful of those lush, silken, hand-rolled scarves. And she actually would wear them, which I tend not to do -- too lazy to doll myself up further once I've managed to haul a knit shirt over my head.

Celebrate trivial stuff?'s a beautiful day. Yesterday I celebrated having a wonderful time estate-saling with my friend on a lovely morning by picking up a can of foamy-delicious Guinness to go with the incredible home-made chilied pork she gave me as her parting shot.

I do not know that a spectacular day, good friendship, wonderful food, and a hearty beer are trivial things. Maybe they are the things that make loss most poignant, for we know those we have lost will never be able to enjoy them again, nor we enjoy such things with them.

C'estChic! said...

Dear Frugal Scholar, I delight in your find! I also experienced the "unthinkable", finding an Hermes scarf (90 cm carre) in the Tutankhamen design at my local Value Village! Must have been all of $4.99! I too, wonder how it came to be there ... doubtless a story behind it. I rejoice, for these small pleasures bolster us to manage through these troubling times.

Frugal Scholar said...

@C'est Chic! Lucky you (me too). They are all so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.