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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two Amazing Reads on PF and Frugality: John Bogle and Une Femme

Oh, how I love John Bogle of Vanguard. He is an inventor and proponent of index funds and investing principles so simple that a 5 year old can comprehend. I just read an interview with him that, as always, impressed me. Bogle, by the way, saved my sanity during the financial meltdown, when I witnessed all my savings/investments lose tons of money. In one of his books, he says "Things always revert to the average." That's the argument for index funds also.

Next up: the great blogger Une Femme d'un Certain Age. I discovered her blog over a year ago when I strayed from my usual reading on frugality. Well! As the Wife of Bath says (paraphrased), women do tend to wander by the way. Une Femme is a writer of great talent, with a great eye for style as well. She also writes on more serious subjects, even when she seems to be writing only on style.

Anyway, yesterday when I returned to the blog world after having been out of town for a good bit, I discovered that Une Femme took on the topic of----FRUGALITY. And, guess what? She was inspired by one of my posts. I am so honored.

Her post is one of the best statements I've seen on frugality, which has to do with good use of resources--not just money, but time, stuff, and so on.

I wish Une Femme would write a book. In the meantime, Bogle has penned many. Here is one I've read.

And this one.


Deja Pseu said...

Aww, thanks Frugal! I've always been inspired by your blog, even if I don't have your fiscal discipline. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was pleased for you when I came across her post! Beagle is new to me...

JacqJolie said...

I like Bogle too - and loved the Une Femme post.
Hey FS, I have a problem subscribing to your feed, not sure if this is just me or not.

Duchesse said...

Yes! I started blogging b/c my responses to Pseu's thoughtful posts were so long.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Deja--I lack discipline in most other areas, alas.

@Terri--Very exciting! Thanks for noticing.

@JJ--I don't know about the feed issue...sorry. You have no idea how clueless I am about most tech things.

@Duchesse--Well, thank heavens you did, since you are one of my faves too.