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Saturday, August 25, 2012

For Now: Twenty Years Later

Books directed to messy people like me caution against the For Now habit. Oh, I'll just leave this box on the table for now. And then, of course, the box attracts a lot of other clutter, as in the Broken Window Theory.

As I look around my house preparing to figure out what to bring from the California home of my late in-laws (at great expense), I see many For Nows of another sort. For instance, when Mr FS and I first came to Louisiana, it was unclear if I would be employed. We lived in a very cheap rental house with our new baby and almost no furniture.

I bought some on sale chairs at Pier One: they were WAY on sale, knock-offs of Parisian cafe chairs. I was in love. Sadly, they were of typical Pier One quality and one chair broke within a week, necessitating the return of all (no, I explained to Mr FS, one cannot have a set of three chairs).

On a walk with little Frugal Son, I passed a used furniture store where I saw 4 sturdy (key word after the flimsy Pier Ones) restaurant-ish wooden chairs for $12 each. They are actually nice looking, in a utilitarian way. I bought them FOR NOW.

Twenty-odd years later, I still have them. It occurs to me that if any nicer chairs wend my way, it should be easy enough to send the still sturdy chairs to a new home.

Looking at my stuff with a critical eye is the only bright spot in this dreadful process. I am sorry that I did not schedule regular inspections over the years.

Do you have any For Nows in your home?


Patience_Crabstick said...

My house is full of "for nows." For example, the armchair in the sun room, which we bought at a consignment shop. It's a hideous shade of green, with scratchy upholstery and stains that date to the Carter administration. Some day it will be replaced with a luxurious leather chair.

The dining room chairs--we bought the entire set of six for something like $150 and they actually held together fairly well for several years, but are now starting to fall apart.

Frugal Scholar said...

@PC--Do you have an estimated date for the new chair?

Shelley said...

I've been trying to get rid of them, but they are tenacious little suckers! I manage periodically to re-arrange things with a view to getting rid of some, but they often have a way of becoming re-purposed, ie plastic shelves (I keep thinking they will break, but they don't) ending up in the attic to use for storage. The shelves and legs come apart like Legos, which is incredibly handy, ugly as the shelves are. Lately I've been trying to find pieces 'I could bear to get rid of'. Surprisingly few. I think I must have attachment issues.