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Saturday, August 11, 2012

We are all College Cooks

What is a College Cook? Someone with limited time, space, know how, and facilities. In truth, I have only one genuine College Cook in my immediate circle: Miss Em, who is heading into her last year of dorm life.

Frugal Son just moved to an apartment in New Orleans: he packed his beloved rice cooker. Mr C--an affiliate of our family, though not officially a member--just moved into his post-grad apartment and received his first rice cooker (courtesy of me and Goodwill) and a copy of the little guide Frugal Son and I put together:

This is not just a collection of easy recipes: we recommend 20 easy to buy and store products; we then offer 2 weeks of recipes that can be put together quickly, with little mess, in rice cooker or microwave, two college approved appliances. Oh, and did I mention that you or your cook will save a ton of money--not to mention time?

We priced it as low as Amazon can go for our program: $2.99. For the same price, you can order it from us and receive an ebook.

Even though I like to cook, I am as lazy as the next person (lazier, probably). I cook with my rice cooker most nights.

Check out our college Cooking blog for occasional posts and suggestions too.

Any other suggestions for the College Cook--even if the College Cook is long out of college?


Funny about Money said...

Hey! I just found something called e-junkie. It's an affiliate program that Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff is using to market her new book. Looks like it costs $5 a month--like Amazon, you would share a portion of the proceeds with bloggers whose posts or ads sell your book.

Could be worth checking out.

Frugal Scholar said...

@funny--Thanks for the tip. Nor sure if it would work for a $3 book. the one you're referring to is, I believe,30 or so.