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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tiny Frugal Tip for Air Travelers, with PG Tips

Miss Em came home yesterday from her four weeks at Oxford, where she took two classes and visited London, Edinburgh, and Wales. She was VERY careful about money because, even with a gig as assistant to one of the profs, the trip was expensive.

One of her frugal moments came about by accident. She had many types of tea, including the famous PG Tips. She went to a fancy coffee spot in the airport and asked if she could buy some hot water. She could. It was 50 cents. She got a big cup and a top. She repeated this several times during her airport time. EAch time, she saved about $2.00.

I am always annoyed by the high prices and generally low quality of airport food. We generally bring emergency provisions. Now we can also enjoy tea.

Good job, Frugal Girl.

Any other tips for the airport?


Patience_Crabstick said...

Great tip! I love tea, and I hate airport food.

... said...

We bring a small, empty aluminum water bottle in our carry-ons, to stay hydrated and avoid paying $3 per bottle in the airport. Aluminum bottles require an intial outlay that is kind of pricey, but pay for themselves pretty quickly.

Frugal Scholar said...

@PC--Great! Love to pass on new tips.

@said--That's another great idea. Thanks.

Kay said...

Me too, I take a a water bottle and fill it up after security check. why pay big bucks for plastic juice (er... the water in plastic juice taste like crappy plastic juice to me).

Other than that, I carry some washed up fruits, larabars, crackers for daughter, etc when traveling instead of eating salty or sugary snacks from airport or airplane. Both daughter and I have allergies and its tough to find snacks that works for us.

Love that tip about tea! I'll certainly use that idea. I don't like black tea, but loove herbal tea and they are very relaxing. :) Please pass my thanks to you daughter for the idea; And thank you for sharing the tip!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Kay--Thanks for YOUR tip! and I can't wait to tell Miss Em.