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Sunday, December 1, 2013

When is it "Worth It" to Save Money??

As a frugal bargain-hunting type, I take note of opportunities. Some, I'm too lazy to partake of; others--like coupons--make my head spin. Other opportunities--like the 30% off one book at Amazon that I posted on yesterday--take no time at all.

Today another Amazon deal passed across my purview: if you link your Twitter account with your American Express card and spend $75 at Amazon, you get a $25 statement credit. Go to American Express's facebook page to see for yourself.

It just so happens we want to buy something that costs $80 on Amazon (see below--another exciting holiday purchase). We don't have a twitter account. We do have an American Express card. Should we do it?

As often with these quandaries, I emailed Frugal Son and asked him. Now I'm asking you.  (Hmmmm. The item we want has gone down in price, perhaps for Cyber Monday??)


Shelley said...

No idea about linking Twitter and American Express, presumably that boosts their 'social' rating or counts as advertising or something? I have a Twitter account, but rarely think to look at it (or Pinterest for that matter); I'm trying to have a life!

I think heating a single room in winter can be a real money saver; I did this for the first couple of years after I retired. Our winters are relatively moderate and I could get away with only having the central heating on briefly in the mornings and then on again after sunset. Bill's not so keen on that method, but then I don't sit still as much as I did when blogging more regularly.

I'm interested that you have an American Express. The one time I looked into it there was something like a $75 annual fee. Have you found that this pays off somehow? Loads of places here in Britain don't take American Express. No idea why.

Janice said...

I love my Twitter account where I follow both interesting scholars and couponers/savers as well as many others. So I'd do this in a sec if it applied to me in Canada.

If a simple action can reap real savings, it's wortwhile. I always start the laundry or dishwasher after 7 on weeknights or on the weekends in order to take advantage of lower utility rates. It's worth the minor planning headache to me!

Duchesse said...

Seems like a good deal to me and you can resist tempting specials. I too have a twitter account that I never use, and I don't read tweets.

When I lived in Ontario, I always used the off-hours electricity cost reduction but then we moved to Quebec, where there is none, and I really miss seeing that savings, even though hydro is cheaper here.

Revanche said...

I'm absolutely kicking myself for forgetting to pick a book for the 30% off deal, especially after I shared it with a few people! I had so many picks I couldn't settle on one, and now I've missed it :(

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--My Amex is free and gives me a nice cashback on purchases.

@Janice--Maybe I'll try to do Twitter. Wish we had lower utility rates for off-peak use...

@Duchesse--OK--i will try to set up a Twitter acct--i think that offer is good till end of december.

@Revanche--I miss "deals" all the time and then I am soooo angry at myself. PLEASE--don't YOU do that. Usually, another similar deal will pop up.