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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Shopping: DONE!

It's easy for me to say. I am a noted holiday- and gift-scoffer. Not totally, of course. I just hate that holidays have been hijacked by the marketers. I am getting Mr FS the same thing he is getting me: nothing. Actually, he has promised to buy and install my heart's desire: a new toilet. I will keep you posted on this momentous event.

Miss Em wants nothing at the moment. She is in Serbia till July. It has been a transformational experience in many ways and she knows she can always decide on a gift (which may or may not be material) when she returns.

As for Frugal Son: we did NOT get him what he requested (NOTHING). No, we followed the tradition that we developed over the years, in which gifts could be from thrift stores or grocery stores. The task of amassing such gifts has always fallen to me, since Mr FS has an aversion to stores.

Here is the Frugal Son list, all from thrifts and the library book sale:
--a NEW maple cutting board with his initial on it (Very exciting, but I would have bought it even if it had the wrong initial.)
--a wonderful book by David Mitchell
--NEW LL Bean Storm Chaser boots (can't believe someone donated these)
--the BEST: George Plimpton's book on fireworks*
--a TSE black cashmere cardigan (probably the most "valuable" in terms of original cost)

AND--A CHECK--amount not yet determined

*The George Plimpton book on fireworks is a treasure. Frugal Son used to check it out of the public library every few months. The head librarian told him that he was probably responsible for keeping it from being de-accessioned. Then he grew up, went away, and stopped using our local library. Amazingly, I dropped in at the Library Book Sale a few months ago and flipped through a single box. AND THERE IT WAS. How's that for karma?

We all love David Mitchell.

And this is the beloved "blast from the past."


The Frugal Shrink said...

Great gifts!!! Tse cashmere is so nice.

Shelley said...

I've not heard of TSE cashmere - there are some great deals on ebay! But I'm OK on sweaters for now... Hope to finish my shopping tomorrow. I wrapped things in brown paper and used up two rolls of lush velvet-backed ribbon that belonged to my Aunt Rita. I found a Youtube video for 'pompom' bows like Mom used to make and I'm very pleased with my results...all 2 billion of them (a slight exaggeration, but I did get tired of making bows). I'm glad to finally put that stuff to use and with any luck may be able to recycle some of the bows next year!

dotsybabe said...

The book on fireworks probably will be the most cherished gift of all. the best presents are those that speak volumes about the gift-giver and the gift recipient. Well done!

Frugal Scholar said...

@FS, Shelley, dotsybabe--Thanks for commenting! I do feel like these are the BEST gifts I've ever found! So happy.