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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freezer and Pantry Clean Out: This Time I Mean It!

Every year, I write about how I MUST declutter. And that includes the food clutter. I have an average size fridge and freezer combo. I can't imagine how much I would amass if I had a separate freezer in which to collect "bargains."

Mr FS and I will be going on vacation in about 6 weeks. One would hope I could make a dent in the food. In past years, I had limited myself to $25 a week for food. For the next six weeks I will try for $20.

The week started well. We ate some frozen bean burritos, a beloved homey dish especially appreciated after a week away from home. Then I took out chili for tonight.

Then it happened: I stepped into the grocery for a bit of fruit and emerged with 3 lb of bananas, 1 1/2 lb of Aidells sausage, 3 lb of "turducken" sausage, and some boneless chicken breast. All the meat was 75% off, so my grand total was around $7.50. I'm hoping that Frugal Son doesn't have much food in his fridge. I'm planning on a big present.

As temptations go, food bargains are pretty benign. I'll let you know how it goes.


Gam Kau said...

Lol, I am exactly the same. I blame it on being the child of frugal immigrants, but I cannot resist a food bargain. Meat 75% off? Even without freezer space I would find a way. Last year I bought prime rib at 75% off and ended up passing some on to my neighbours because of lack of room. I think the best thing about being frugal is how generous one can be! :)
I vowed to use up our food stores this month too. So long as I avoid going to the market too often I should be okay. Funny thing is as soon as my freezer or pantry starts looking a bit sparse I sort of get uneasy. I have a bit of a hoarder in me regarding food I guess. Plus I really dislike paying full price for food. Well, for anything.
The other day I ran into my neighbour's young daughters and asked them where they were going. They told me their mum sent them to the local convenience store to buy toilet paper because they were out. I thought to myself they were breaking my golden rules - no buying at convenience stores and no running out of toilet paper and no paying full price! :)

Duchesse said...

Wow food is cheap there.

Frugal Scholar said...

@GK--I really think you are my soul sister. Thanks for understanding!

@Duchesse--Funny because I remember food as being really cheap in Montreal. Food bargains just jump out at me. I don't know why....

Shelley said...

Our grocery bill this month is low mainly because we have been whittling away at tinned and frozen stores (and 'odd' purchases). One of the nice things about shopping at green markets is that they only sell fruit and veg at good prices; anything else is generally not a great price, so my temptation is low. Food left in the freezer too long becomes icky, so I try not to build too large a stock. I don't tend to give away a lot of stuff, except to charity shops or the local community centre. Most people here would take it amiss if offered food, I think. The exception is that some of my domestically inclined friends and I swap homemade jams on occasion.

Seeing bare space where stacks of tinned food used to be has been interesting. I did have a tiny bit of unease but shook myself, realising I can always go buy more. I could even *gasp* afford to pay full price for food; but it would be at the expense of travel and other luxuries. I think I am frugal by choice more than from need; on the other hand, if I weren't frugal I would have less choice. I try to drive my frugality more by choice or by creativity rather than by fear.