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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Best Deal in Chicago: Joining the Art Institute

Mr FS and I spent a bit of time in Chicago recently. We went to a conference and did some conference-like things.  We spent a lot of time in Chicago in days of yore and did all the tourist must-dos. This time, we decided to go for broke in our out-of-conference activities. Craving beauty, we joined the Art Institute! For a year. For 5 days.

It costs $23 for a ticket to the Institute. The base membership costs $90 for an adult and GUEST. We also got a 10% discount for living far away. So for $81 we had 5 days of bliss (we went twice a day, since our hotel was a short walk away.)

We also got free admission to special exhibits (only one, as far as we could tell). A chic tote bag with a zipper. Early entry into the recently re-opened modern art galleries.

And--drumroll, please--entry into the Member's Lounge, which had comfy Eames and Barcelona chairs (and other iconic designs) and FREE COFFEE and TEA. Good coffee too--Illy. Mr FS and I joked that the coffee almost covered the membership. We also got to hear bits and pieces of very cultured conversations. Treats all around.

Chicago Art Institute Museum Café lounge


Duchesse said...

Good for you!

And another important benefit is that you contributed more to the institute's revenues, because really, other than a few more cups of coffee, it does not cost the AI much more to receive you for five days than one.

So, they have more money to do all the good work with. Good for everybody.

The Frugal Shrink said...

Sounds like a lovely time! And that lounge is fantastic!!

Gam Kau said...

Sounds wonderful - the members lounge is amazing. I'd be tempted to bring a book and hang out in there all day.

tess said...

sounds wonderful--twice a day, esp. the member extras, mmm, coffee,
we use the free library pass which allows for the basics for our family of 4, good for a week

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Thanks for helping me feel so good! I do like supporting such institutions. And I already miss the great coffee.

@FS--It was!

@GK--Lots of people seem to sit there all day--either with book or laptop. I would if I lived nearby.

@tess--That's great! Boston also has passes for residents. It is a little-known perk offered by libraries. So lucky to take you whole family there.