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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Third Best Deal in Chicago: 54 cents

This is the final installment in my series: Best Deals in Chicago. It really goes to show you that there are all sorts of wonderful treats everywhere you go.

This one is kind of embarrassing. I spend a bit of time mooning over the blogs of elegant travelers and chic dressers like Pseu of unefemme, Duchesse of Passage des Perles, and Janice of the viviennefiles. But I am here to say that my third best frugal treat in Chicago came courtesy of McDonalds.

You see, I got kind of sick in Chicago and spent a night and a day with a terrible stomach ache, so bad that I spent most of that day sleeping while Mr FS did conference things and hit the Art Institute. He kept asking me if I wanted anything and I said the only thing I wanted was soft serve ice cream.

When I was back on my feet (sort of), Mr FS noticed a McDonalds near our hotel. We stepped in and I said (I AM CHEAP): I only want it if it's under a dollar.

To which the server replied: It's 54 cents. WHY? Because of a similar promotion from Burger King. Whatever.

It was pure bliss and we had a soft serve every day. My stomach is still bothering me as I write and I would love another one right now.

I asked Mr FS why it was more pleasant eating a soft serve cone in McDonalds than being in Eataly, where the hordes walked around the crowded and noisy store WHILE eating gelato or drinking wine. UGH. Mr FS replied: Because this is a quiet and uncrowded place and we're spending LESS than the food or environment would indicate. At Eataly, the food is overpriced and you either sit while people swirl around you or [as I mentioned earlier] you buy a $5 cup of gelato and eat it while walking around. So the price is too high for the environment.

Has anyone else ever had a blissful experience at a fast food restaurant?



tess said...

Blissful? Several years ago, at the same(?) rock and roll McDonald's my co-worker met Davy Jones of the Monkees, lucky girl.

Hope you're feeling better.

Gam Kau said...

I only eat at McDonald's while traveling. McDonald's serves and important niche for travelers - food is predictable, inexpensive and locations are to be found in so many places. Plus there are unusual local food choices at McD's around the world and that alone can be an interesting experience.
I love their soft serve ice cream. I know it isn't real dairy ice cream, but it makes a lovely treat and I am no food snob. Compare the price between a DQ Blizzard and a McD McFlurry and I don't gain enough pleasure gained from a blizzard to justify the DQ price differential
To further my McD paen, I recall many blissful afternoons spend drinking a diet coke while my children played in a McD play area.
No grumbles against McDs from me. :)

Janice Riggs said...

You found all of the very best deals in Chicago - and you're spot-on about the difference between Eataly and the rest of the city - it's quite the scene! I've been sick when traveling - it is the worst...

Duchesse said...

I would not want to pay for overpriced gelato, but the smell of a fast food restaurant is not enjoyable to me, either. Egg McMuffin from the takeout window while on a road trip is about it for me.

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. It's miserable to be ill at any time, but the worst when you're away from home. We love fast food of all sorts, but only on a very occasional basis. I find that frugality helps me eat healthier, and my war against fat helps keep me frugal. But the occasional splurge? By all means!