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Friday, August 22, 2014

Paula's Serums and AHA BHA Exfoliants 20% off w/ free shipping

I know it's weird, given my pathological frugality and skepticism over advertising claims, but this is an exciting sale for me. Miss Em and I adore Paula's Choice skincare, for info AND for products. And it's not even that cheap. Miss Em and I both use the serums and the exfoliants. These are--in our opinion--Paula's best products.

Paula's BEST SALE is 20% off everything with free shipping on any size order, but this is pretty close. 20% off on serums and exfoliants and free shipping on any order (usually free over $50). She has some other items on sale also at the moment.

The CODE for this particular sale is EDDSERUMS14. This weekend only.
If you haven't shopped with Paula before and would like to use my link, you get $10 off and I get $10 too.


Janice Riggs said...

Everybody, just rush out and buy this stuff - it's the best skincare I've ever used, and her brand and entire philosophy is based on science and demonstrated results. You will be delighted!

Bmore Bungalow said...

Thanks, I will check it out.

Trish said...

Ordered some AHA and BHA serums. Thanks for the link.

Frugal Scholar said...

@BB and Trish--Thanks to you too. Remember, all her stuff is guaranteed. So if any issues, you can get refund or exchange.