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Saturday, August 16, 2014

We're buying a car today!

Miss Em said "Does it bother you to buy a car?" That is because she knows I sometimes balk at the most minor expenses if they seem "overpriced." The great Amy Dazycyn of the Tightwad books had similar issues.

She had an essay about how she balked at tuna if it was more than 69 cents but had no trouble buying a beautiful and expensive antique bed. It was a question of value, not cost.

I'm the same with tuna. I'm pretty serene about the car--a Honda Accord--because our totaled Camry was about to turn 16 and our "new car"--the Civic Hybrid--is about to be 12. We were hoping the Camry would hit 20, but a bad man with no license or license plate plowed into poor Frugal Son and left the scene. He gave us a copy of a state ID.

We are hoping the new car will last more than 10 years. Thank heavens we  saved for the car.

Frugality as stress relief once more. Thank heavens for the emergency fund. So I told Miss Em that no, I'm not stressed. I continue my search for a good price on tuna.

I think we are getting a white one (ugh) because Mr FS read that white is the safest color.

Honda Accord
'13 Honda Accord Sedan.JPG


Shelley said...

Another great reason to be frugal! Emergencies aren't nearly as painful with a healthy fund for such things.

Gam Kau said...

I'm the same, I dislike many wasteful small expenditures and am okay with large necessary purchases. I've vowed my next car will be a honda, but really, I would prefer to own no cost at all.

Semen Rendi said...
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The Frugal Shrink said...

I loved that Amy D article. The reason for my frugality is to spend less on the things that don't matter so that I have the money to spend on the things that do, so it really resonated with me. Hope you enjoy your new car!! Sadly, I don't do a very good job of keeping my white car clean. ;)

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--It wasn't too bad--except for the Mistake" on the contract.
@GK--YEah, I hate cars too. Wish I lived in a walkable city with public transport. Those are few and far between--and $$$$--in the USA.
@FS--We were going to get white for safety, but ended up with beige. I don't really enjoy cars--more a question of enduring them.

Diana Hayes said...

At least you considered every aspect of your purchase enough before forging ahead and plunking the cash. A car is such a necessity that you cannot go willy-nilly in buying one. Make sure that what you get is not only financially sound, but also smart, both tech-wise and durability-wise. Kudos!

Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru