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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A technique for shopping your closet

I have a tendency to wear the same things over and over--a common affliction based on the well-known 80/20 Pareto Principle.

Well! I just packed for my trip (following the guidelines of the great Sue of unefemme). Hence, I perforce HAD to wear things that were not in my suitcase for my last few days at home. That was the "other" 80% Wow! I have a lot of nice things that have not made it to my desired "cost per wear." There's some space in my case, and I was tempted to add a couple of these "new" nice things. I resisted. Looking forward to the "new" pieces.

If there's a method here (and I'm sure I'm too lazy to follow it, unless forced to by the necessity of packing)  it would be to hide (for a while) your favorites and see if the results are agony (in which case say good-bye to the unfavored items) or, as in my case ecstasy (in which case wear them on your return).


tess said...

I love finding old favorites during the seasonal churn of swapping summer and winter clothes, sometimes things that have been out of circulation for a couple of years!

Atlantic said...

Best advice I read is to force yourself to wear everything seasonally appropriate for a full day...and you will either recall why you don't wear it (pulls, uncomfortable in fit or feel) in which case it should be donated at once OR you actually realize that it is lovely in which case it enters the rotation.

Shelley said...

Start on the left side of your closet and make an outfit for the first item hanging there, going item by item from left to right until you are happy with your presentable outfit. Add shoes and accessories - you can put them in bags and hang them from the hangers if you like. That's for Monday. Take the second item from the left and do the same for Tuesday and so on through the week. As you replace your clothing either from the laundry or at the end of the day, place it at the far right side of the closet. You may not wear it again until you've worked your way across the clothing rack.

If an item seems to be an orphan, consider what would make it useful, ie a grey sweater to go with your grey orphan pants, but don't buy it unless you can identify at least two other things that they grey sweater would enhance. If you don't have enough to make the sweater worth buying, consider re-homing the orphan. If you skip wearing something three times, even though it has things to go with it and is in good repair, etc., perhaps it doesn't belong in your closet either.

If you wear everything you own, you won't get bored and need to shop so much. If you don't wear most of what you own, what was the point of purchasing it?