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Monday, June 29, 2015

I Heart Baby Wipes for the Traveler (and Duct Tape)

Does everyone already know this? I only thought of this last summer.

Our first purchase in Paris (after some food, of course) will be BABY WIPES!

Carry a few in a ziplock to wipe your sweaty brow, the back of your neck, and--MY FAVORITE--your sweaty feet.

They are amazingly restorative.

And, from Mr FS, DUCT TAPE. This can be hard to find when you need it. This serves many purposes, of course. We are mainly taking it for SHOE EMERGENCIES. In Chicago many years ago, my sandals fell apart. Disaster! I didn't want to buy new shoes because I am a well-known cheapwad and hate emergency purchases. Besides, I have troublesome feet, so I can't buy just anything.

Eventually, we spied a store that stocked those cheap Chinese Mary Janes, which saved the day. Now I always carry extra emergency shoes on walks. But we also carry the beloved DUCT TAPE.

Mr FS wraps some around a pencil. What can I say? He is a genius.


Anonymous said...

Baby wipes - a smart idea for the Parisian dust and smog!

Shelley said...

I'll have to try baby wipes some time. They weren't on my radar - perhaps not in the shops? - back when I had a toddler step-son. I carry cotton or linen hankies here in Britain as I hate paper tissues. This way I don't have to buy something new every week, I don't have to find a trash bin and I don't have to worry about shredded tissues in the laundry. On the other hand, I do iron my hankies, which would put some people off; I don't mind.

Unknown said...

Most Dollar Stores in the U.S. have baby wipes selling for ... wait for it .. a dollar! If you don't have one near you, it might be worth paying the postage to have a case shipped to your home.