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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Numbers: Talbots, Edmund Andrews, Longchamp Pliage, and Dostoevsky

For some reason, I wrote a post yesterday about an hour after emerging from anesthesia. I'm afraid to reread it! Judging from the comments, I must not have made the point I thought I was making. So Readers, I will respond to those comments tomorrow and I apologize for shooting out a post in 15 minutes in a somewhat drugged state.

Since words can often fail us, I will offer up some more numbers, mostly updates on my earlier list. I find numbers comforting, but, of course, they can be as ambiguous and difficult to interpret as words.

1. Talbots stock price--$5.01 (unchanged).
*No, I didn't buy any stock and no, the clothes though nice still don't fit me.

2. Edmund Andrews's book Busted has an Amazon sales rank of 11,393. He's moving up! Maybe my blog is more influential than I had supposed.

3. The twin of my thrift store little Longchamp Pliage bag (same size, color) sold for $42.00 on Ebay.

4. Here's my frugal moment of the week. Number of 13 oz. bags of coffee and chicory I bought when it was on sale for an unprecedented $1.69: 42.
*No, I did NOT clear the shelves; there are hundreds left.

5. Number of times I have started Dosteovsky's The Brothers Karamazov: 6.

6. Page I am up to in The Brothers Karamazov: 14.

7. Pages still to go: 762.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

You don't want to know what chicory costs up here (if you can find it).

I haven't tried The Brothers Karamazov six times, but only twice. I know when a book has the better of me. Good luck! :)

Duchesse said...

There's a reason some goods on eBay go for a lot, aside from the brand: you can't get a Longchamps bag in certain parts of the country, so people will pay a premium.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Cubicle-We used to buy chicory coffee in Indiana circa 1980 for $5.00! Then we moved here and it was 88 cents on sale.

Re: the novel. I am an English teacher and I am supposed to set a good example.

@Duchesse--The bag costs around $90.00 new, so I suppose $42.00 would count as a bargain. If you know anyone who wants to buy it, I'm willing to let mine go!