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Monday, June 8, 2009

Some Numbers for Thought: Edmund Andrews and Talbots

I won't be able to post till Tuesday, so I thought I'd just post some numbers for thought.

As of Sunday evening, here is the Amazon number for Busted: Sales Rank: #20,955 in Books.

Remember? I wanted to buy stock in Talbots when it was around $1.80. As of Friday, it was $5.01!

So, it looks like Busted is going down and Talbots is going up. Of course, all is subject to change at any time. Back tomorrow, I hope.


Duchesse said...

Why is Talbot's is up? Could it be their 'reinvention' to (slightly) hipper styles has worked? Or b/c women have caught on that low-end clothes fall apart?

BTW Amazon shows Andrew's rank (Monday morning) a bit higher (#9,584), maybe his mom bought an armload of books.

Chance said...

Wow! Now did you actually buy any Talbots stock? I can't remember if you did or didn't, but this is a fun thing that you might be making a real or pretend profit. What is your target price for selling? Are you buy and hold or buy and sell? Not that I am buying any stock, I can barely buy dinner, but it is an interesting exercise to learn about stocks etc. I thought it was a great prediction when you made it.

@Duchesse I do think their modest attempt to be less...boring made a difference. But the recession also makes a difference - some of my friends switched from Nordstroms to Talbots, Talbots being their low-end option. Talbots is as high-end as I go, because my modal store is the thrift store.

If the economy recovers, my pals will likely go back to their ridiculous obsession with high-end, so it seems like it might make sense to sell Talbots once we see concrete signs of recovery, like an improved jobs report 2 quarters in a row or some such.

Funny about Money said...

LOL! Glad to hear Talbot's went up, but wonder about the change in their product. Lately, I've found the clothes don't fit as well as they used to, and the quality is in the basement. I just washed a shirt I'd bought in a size too large, because it didn't fit in my actual size. It was a little loose...until I washed it. Now it's a size too small!

That's the second Talbot's item that I got to wear exactly once. I can't afford to pay those prices for K-Mart quality! So I won't be going back there. If you bought the stock in the dollar range, it may be time to sell. ;-)

Duchesse said...

I really have to pick and choose with Talbot's, the inconsistency is bewildering. But the sales- triple markdowns on a lot of stock- make it worth sifting.