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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Frugal Fitness: Free

Unlike Mr. FS, I am not one who finds it easy or fun to get exercise. I really have no aptitude for sports, and spent many years in high school getting to the end of the line or choosing an outfield position to save myself from humiliation. In college, I was subject to s state requirement of several years of PE. After failing several classes (failure was triggered by missing a class), I discovered my "sport": yoga! i loved getting into position and holding it . . .sometimes till I fell asleep.

After that, I remained in decent shape by not having a car. I do love to walk! Walking all the time is why--as the book says--French Women Don't Get Fat. We do live in a nice-to-walk-in neighborhood, but it's hard not to saunter at a relatively slow pace.

My devoted readers know that 1. I have an aversion to gifts, and 2. I have gained some weight, precipitating the purchase of pants with stretchy waistbands.

Then, Mr. FS gave me a great gift. Even though he rides about 100 mile a week on the Rails to Trails path near our home (The Tammany Trace), he volunteered to walk on the Trace with me. It is not sufficiently populated for comfortable walking alone.

After a 40 minute walk for each of the past 4 days, I feel so much better!

Thank you Mr FS for giving me JUST WHAT I WANTED.


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Walking is great for me too. I am borderline addicted to it if that is possible.

Duchesse said...

A sweet gift!

Frugal, do you still practice yoga? A lifesaver for me. I buy an annual unlimited class pass at a great studio I can walk to; think I would pay nearly anything for it, as like you, yoga and walking are the forms of activity I enjoy.

Shelley said...

Well done to both of you! I wish I would get the yoga bug -- must try it again sometime. I did find a class that was good, but need to go back and see if it's still on.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Cubicle--I WAS addicted--and a fast walker--but it's often so miserably hot here. It's cooler on the Trace because of the trees.

@Duchesse--No-I am a slacker. If I had a class within walking distance, I'd love to take it up. I often wish I lived in a nice city!

@Shelley--I'm working on walking now. We do have a yoga tape and I'd like to start using it.

Duchesse said...

Shelley, if you're watching a tape, I suggest buy a few so you don't get tired of one routine. Maybe you can find some on eBay? Best wishes!

Suzy said...

yoga and walking are about the only exercise I can tolerate and even then I slack big time. I prefer walking when I'm off on night shift rotation. So far I haven't had a problem so long as I walk with my german shepherd. Of course she's not match for a determined person with a gun but in general I feel pretty safe with her. My lab's a sweetie pie and would do anything to protect me, but unfortunately even when she's mad and 'means business' she just looks cute! I'm also lucky if I walk early in the morning - we walked at 4:35 am Monday because I couldn't sleep and had to be up at 6 for work..there were 2 others out walking the perimeter of the townhomes where we live so we had them just a few minutes away from us.
The only yoga I do now(which lately has been none) are on dvd and vhs. There are classes in my area but not super-close and I hate to drive in traffic and can't pick the same day/time due to my working a rotating shift. I like Yoga Zone pretty well and a few others I pull out from time to time.
It's nice your hubby's helping you out with the walking though! I'd love to have someone to walk with though my dogs are good company - they just don't talk back!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Suzy--He IS nice especially since he gets plenty of exercise without the walk.