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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Thief: Update on Frugal Favors

Update of Frugal Favors: The "poor woman" from Goodwill pressed a $20.00 bill in my hand the other day. "I couldn't live with the stress," she said. So I gave her the leather jacket that has been residing in the trunk of my car.

Duchesse noted in a comment that she would have taken a check for $8.00 from my "rich[er]" co-worker. Well, I don't know. New bank fees often involve a punitive charge to the depositor as well as to the writer of the bad check. And I had heard many a discussion of creditor calls and hidden shopping bags and multiple accounts and post-dated checks from this person. Having over a month to come up with $8.00 in cash seemed like easy "terms."

I don't have a moral to draw from this, except to say that some people--like my Goodwill pal, and like me, for that matter--find indebtedness intolerable.


Duchesse said...

I didn't know, Frugal, that a bank could invoke a "punitive charge against a depositor". Whoa! I'm amazed. (How do they expect anyone to take a check?) Here, the typical NSF charge is $25 to the writer, noting to the depositor.

People (borrowers) are weird about these small favours. I had a colleague who never seemed to have money for parking. She'd "borrow" $5 repeatedly from me at work and never repay it. Finally I said to her you know, this adds up, I've lent you $45 or so and I wonder if we could talk about it. She stopped but never paid me back.

I think some people enjoy chiseling, it's a game with them: "let's see what I can get away with".

My stupid pleasure is finding four or five dollars (we have coins for $1 and $2) in the sofa. Whose? Mine!

Funny about Money said...

I've not heard of NSF charges against depositors, either. After all, the person who receives the bad check is the victim. Given the banks' rapacious practices, anything's possible.

Extremely neat about the Goodwill lady!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse and Funny--Maybe I'm wrong about the charge. I hope I am.

@Duchesse--I actually think people justify by saying to themselves "I need themoney more" OR (as with me) "She's so cheeeeeep"