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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Update: French Fashion Frugality is, shall we say, tres difficile

So I boldly posted on my vow to embrace French fashion frugality and buy only a few things, as long as those things were just what I wanted. That's similar to what Duchesse wrote about this morning. YESYESYES, I thought as I read her post. (Click on the link to the right). As I said, I even unsubscribed to those pesky emails, which alerted me to tempting sales.

This morning, I just took a peek (SORRY) at the Garnet Hill site, to see (SORRY) if the pants I bought ever got further reduced. Not only did they not get reduced further, they are gone. (And the Chico's pants my mother bought me are totally out of stock in black and out of stock in my size in all colors).

But Garnet Hill is having their Labor Day sale! Stuff is as low as $6.00. Even stuff I liked when I looked at the catalog. Oh yeah, and GH sent me a coupon for $20.00 off when I bought my pants. Notice how the boundaries are being violated: the sales come into your house. It's not enough to "stay out of stores," that staple of advice to the frugal neophyte. Now you must stay off the internet and throw out all catalogs and coupons that are left in your mailbox (physical and virtual).

So I figured that as long as I was writing this post, I was not filling my shopping cart. Perhaps by the time I finish, the things I liked (and the BEST bargains) will be sold out.

French fashion frugality=difficile.


Duchesse said...

If it makes you feel any better, I just went to a consignment store and bought an Italian taupe silk cardi with real blue fox cuffs for a GF's birthday in a week. Ravishing; she will shriek with joy.

Conquered shopping for me for awhile (except scarves, I'll be posting on that), but just subverted the urge, buying gifts, an activity I love.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--You truly have a gift for gift-giving.

Suzy said...

I've been tossing ads and deleting email sales stuff like crazy and now I WANT a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon so I can get a magic bullet to make these stupid weight watchers smoothies. I hate using a blender with all those parts to clean. ok laziness..and I DID change the 'need' to 'want' LOL! and darn it I ignore halfpricebook's extra 20% email but 2 radio stations kept talking about it so guess where my emotionally week and needing retail therapy soul went this afternoon?! My only comfort is I didn't do as bad as I could have! pitiful I know..