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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tick Tock Tote

Long ago, I mused on my quest for a tote bag. Even the slightest whiff of the paradox of choice paralyzes me. Luckily, my local Goodwill had two of the classic LL Bean canvas totes with monograms. For $1.99, Readers, I bought both. Needless to say, the monograms are not mine. Strangely, no one who knows me has ever mentioned the initials. Perhaps monograms read as monograms--preppy, whatever--and no one ever checks out the initials. Or perhaps no one wants to embarrass me by mentioning the initials that are not mine.

But the pressure is on, dear Readers. Last year, I acquired a $10.00 LL Bean credit from the use of my credit card. This expires in October. Then, I acquired another $10.00 credit---just for having the card! Neat! Thanks, LLB. This expires at the end of September. Sadly, there's nothing I really want.

Well, I do want some wheeled luggage. On our last trip, because of my weak arms, Mr. FS had to carry MY bag plus HIS bag. He looked like the Michelin tire man, only with a backpack and a front pack. He scorns wheeled luggage. Decent wheeled luggage is expensive, and only seems to work in airports and not on cobblestones.

So, as I did with my stove purchase, when I gave myself permission to buy a Wolf faux pro for $5000.00 and eventually worked my way down to a Frigidaire for $700.00, I gave myself permission to buy a Baggallini wheeled tote for $150.00 or thereabouts.

Then I worked my way down. First I'll try REALLY underpacking and carrying my own bag. Back to the LL Bean Hunter's tote for $29.00! Comes in black, olive, and--for a true classic--two camo patterns.

Interestingly, fashionista readers, when I did a search on camouflage totes I discovered that Tory Burch, the reigning queen of postmodern prep (maybe it's not postmodern, just overpriced) was giving out camo totes as gift with purchase. These had the Tory monogram in purple, red, or orange.

Maybe I'll get the LL bag and have it monogrammed Tory Burch. Just kidding, Tory. No need for a copyright lawsuit.

When I was last on this topic, my blog galpal Duchesse suggested that if I get camo, I should do an orange monogram. She and Tory think alike.

What think you dear Readers. Olive or Camo? What color monogram? I have till September 30 to decide.

Tick Tock Tote


Duchesse said...

Camo is a trendy look and limits what you wear a bit when you carry it. (Weird with prints.) Olive goes with more- to enliven, mono in hot pink, purple or (here it comes again) orange.

One of my GFs just bought Bean's Denim Dog bed monogrammed ("Moby") for her puppy.

Every since I vomited at my destination b/c of neck pain from carrying bags, it's been wheeled all the way. Best invention since the underwire.

crunchycon said...

I'm with Duchesse here - camo might be fun for a bit, but you'll tire of it. Go with the olive; her suggestions for monogram colors are all great (as it's my favorite color ever, I'd go with red for me).

DM gifted me with some Bean rolling luggage for my last birthday (I travel a fair amount for business) in the sage green and had it monogrammed in gold. Great sturdy luggage; it's the last luggage I ever hope to have.

thecouchpotatoblog said...

I had no idea that credit cards came with such fabulous benefits!
The Couch Potato

Frugal Scholar said...

@duchesse--Thanks again! I'm leaning toward purple....Oh, and I've resumed my search for wheeled luggage after reading your story.

@Crunchy--thanks...hmmmm...maybe red will be the one. I love red.

@Couchpotato--You've inspired my next post. Do UK cards not offer such enticements?

Shelley said...

I vote for olive and orange. After having the old fashioned suitcases you lug, doing the back pack thing and then the wheeled luggage, I'd never go without wheels. I think I have reasonable upper body strength, but I always come home with sore back muscles and loads of bruises when I carry my suitcases. I try never to pack more than I can carry, but still have it on wheels. I don't want to do Bill's back in either! We seem to be stocking up gradually on the outdoor clothing that's very quick drying. You know the kind where the legs zip off? Also techical running tops are very cheap and one in plain white goes a long way. Those light weight clothes seem to work very well for us, particularly as all our trips are just casual dress.