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Monday, November 9, 2009

For Fashionistas Only: Yes, I am a Label Whore

I try not to be, because sometimes the label is the best thing about the item. In such cases, I wander around the thrift store with the item in my cart. Then I put it back. Never do I have any regrets. That Carlisle jacket I tried on a while back is still there, for instance.

Today, I found a Dries Van Noten sweater! Black, cashmere, V-neck. If the truth be told, the cashmere isn't any better than that of the Lands End turtleneck I got (at Goodwill!) last year. I succumbed anyway.

My question is: how did this sweater wend its way to my little town? I could see if my town were, say, Wellesley MA or the like. Such is not the case.

What's the most unlikely item you've ever found?

P.S. Miss Em, If you read this, do not heap too much scorn upon me.


Duchesse said...

Ma----donna! This is right up there with the Chloe dress. Does it fit you? Cost? Come on, if you are a whore you have to give us 'a little somethin'-somethin'.

Maybe the story is: the Carlisle wearing mum was cleaning closets, and her Dries wearing duaghter (home on a visit) said, "this doesn;t fit me anymore" and threw it into the bag.

My biggest thrift score was an immaculate cashmere cardi (small, so Mom got it) for $2 in Naples FL.

SarahA said...

Right this second I am wearing a black wool Talbots jacket that I found at a Goodwill with the tags still on for $5, 6 years ago. I have worn it twice a week for the last 3 years and the lining is all torn up but the jacket is still perfect.
It wasn't really unlikely, though because that Goodwill is the best I have every been to.

FB @ said...


I have never found designer anything in a thrift store

I am just not visiting the right ones, or looking hard enough I think!!!

How fortuitous.

Northmoon said...

I wouldn't worry about being a 'label whore'. To me it's a quick way to tell that I'm getting quality construction and a 'real' fabric.

I'm in a big city so it's not completely unusual to find a designer item. The thrift stores are catching on though, and ususally price these items higher.

My mother found a pair of black Talbots pants in a thrift in Winnipeg, almost brand new. The unusual part was they fit perfectly, even to the pant length. Both my mother and I are under 5'2" tall, so not having to hem the pants is a big deal!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Yes it fits. It was $3.49 minus my "senior" discount. Really, it's just a plain black v-neck. But I love the label!

@Sarah--For some reason, there's tons of Talbots at my Goodwill, so if you want more, come visit! Jacket sounds great.

@FB--You have to go at least a couple of times to activate the karma. And you must EXPECT NOTHING.

@Northmoon--I see soooooo many petites at my thrifts. Frustrating, because I am 5'6". You too should come visit.