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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Overheard at Target and Pumpkin Shortage

I had an early appointment with the oral surgeon (see earlier post about ethical dilemma; I will NOT return to this guy) and, on my way home, I decided to go to Target. I seldom go there, but I wanted to check out the window panel selection. It was right on my way.

Well, window coverings were a dud, but I meandered over to the candy section where the signs said "75% off Halloween." I always scan the items before checkout to prevent problems. I picked up a big box of Snickers for my beloved chocoholic daughter and three boxes of granola bars. The Snickers scanned at the sale price; the granola bars did not. I inquired of the manager, who said they were not on sale, even though they were under the sign! She said "Just this once you can have them."

All the women within earshot converged on the granola bars in ecstasy! One said to me, "Yesterday the sign said 50% off, but they wouldn't let anyone have them at the sale price." The others agreed.

This exchange made me realize that some people go to Target EVERY DAY in order to hunt for bargains. Some had entire carts filled with the cheap candy.

I made for the check out, where the front manager called the back manager to check out the veracity of my claim. I guess lots of people lie.

So perhaps I am not as pathologically frugal as I thought, since I am horrified by the idea of daily Target visits. Even weekly ones. Plus I only bought one box of Snickers and three boxes of granola bars.

Speaking of Halloween: I hope I did not entice anyone with my pumpkin soup. I was itching to use up the 5 or so cans of pumpkin that have been languishing in my cupboard. I bought them last year, probably for a quarter. Unlike my other investments, the pumpkin proved to be a good one, since there is evidently a PUMPKIN SHORTAGE this year. Who knew?

By the way, don't try to cook your Halloween pumpkin; it is not the right variety. Instead, substitute acorn squash, which tastes about the same as pumpkin (i.e. not much taste). Because of the shortage, I will not tempt you with tales of the delicious pumpkin strata I have made or the pumpkin pasta sauce I am thinking of making.


see you there! said...

There's a pumpkin shortage? Who knew. Our local produce market caries a variety called Sugar Bear (I think), small, darker orange, grown to cook with. Makes a great pie. They can be a bit hard to find tho.

Target? Gives me hives!


Funny about Money said...

One of my readers loves Target's post-holiday sale of Christmas merchandise, which apparently can net you loot at markdowns of as much as 90 percent.

To my mind, running to the Target every day in search of "bargains" means only that you spend a lot of money buying stuff that you wouldn't have bought otherwise. Right up there with buying the unneeded blouse at Talbot's so you could save $10...and it only cost you $75!

Duchesse said...

In my city, corner-store merchants go to the big box stores and buy things they resell in the neighbourhood- they use them as their wholesaler!

I adore acorn squash, baked, glazed with maple syrup, or diced and sauteed with onion and a pinch of mixed herbs- nice alternative to potatoes or rice.

EEE said...

I agree with Funny About Money--sales can be a blessing, but sometimes a curse.
But I'm sure your chocoholic daughter will love her surprise. You don't have to spend a lot to give a good gift!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Darla--The shortage is supposedly of CANNED pumpkin. I don't really know, since I have some from last year!

@funny--It's true, and the deals are posted on the internet by aficionadas. But a lot is (to me) clutter--e.g. decorations. Chasing sales can be a full time job.

@Duchesse--I love acorn squash too! Funny story about the inner city merchants--good for them!

@EEEEE--very wise!