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Monday, November 16, 2009

Need for Prophylactic Shopping: ALERT and RESULTS

Even though i unsubscribed to email announcements, I continue to get offers. 20-30% off at Bnana Republic, Lands End, Gap, Chicos, and so on.

At school on Friday, two students handed me Banana Republic Friends and Family coupons. These used to be hard to come by. A few years ago, I was offered one by a student, and my Department Head said that it could be perceived as a bribe, so I couldn't use it. But I guess with business so bad, shops need all the friends they can get. So I got one of my very own in my inbox.

My mantra ("it will be more on sale in 6 short weeks--40 days") wasn't working too well. So on to my next step, writing down all my desired items. The list was short(comforter set, 2 pairs of pants, all from Lands End, my new favorite store now that they are offering free shipping), the total was about $140.00 (not that bad) and I started to succumb.

I know! On to Goodwill for some prophylactic shopping (shopping to prevent shopping, naturally). What should I find?

A Peacock Alley comforter with mtching shams.
A Garnet Hill colorful quilt.
A couple of books.

Then universe has spoken! But then I added some questionable items.

A new with tags wetsuit in a size that would fit Mr. FS and Frugal Son.
A new underarmour underarmour.

Total: about $18.00.

Weighing need, desire, danger, finances, clutter: I'm not sure if the trip was a victory or a defeat.

What do you think?

What do you think?


Duchesse said...

It is only a victory if you post what you and Mr FS get up to with that wetsuit.

Funny about Money said...

Sure is a victory over what you would've spent at Banana Republic!


Shelley said...

Have you ever thought about the frugal merits of procrastination? If I'm honest, some of my thriftiness is in truth just laziness.

Do you have any luck with Christmas wishlists? I want am entry level serger sewing machine and I want a set of silver cutlery in the same pattern that my grandmother had. Those are both going on my wish list along with specific purchasing information. Also a list of books will go on my Amazon wishlist.

The wetsuit sounds interesting, is this like for scuba diving? Since you live near the Gulf, I could let you get away with that one.

Did you mean to type underarmour twice? I don't know what it is even if it's only the once. Sounds like what you might wear under the clanky metal suit before you go jousting...

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse and Funny--I have taken on the wet suit issue in today's post. Thanks for the inspiration. And Duchesse--if we don't use the wet suit, maybe we'll send it to you...

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--You are lucky that you actually want something. I love the cutlery idea. Many typos emerge from my hands. I think I found that funny (guess it didn't work). Under Armour is this very successful line of supertight and overpriced exercise wear. Mr. FS said he would wear it for biking (UNDER his other stuff, though I think many wear it at the gym to show off)

Shelley said...

Right - thanks for the update on exercise wear. Never worry about your humour just because I don't get a joke. I didn't start out with much and whatever capacity for making or catching witticisms has been warped by trying to understand British humour.

BTW, thank you for your blogroll -- I'm finding new friends there (and the housework is going to hell).