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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Great Gift for Kids: Klutz Shrinky Dinks Book

I've been plugging away at my end-of-semester work. Yesterday, though, I received another 60 exams and my energy started to ebb away. So--time for a last-minute post. Fittingly, the subject is a last-minute gift, which along with the clay book I mentioned a few days ago, is a fool-proof, bound-to-be appreciated present.

It is the Klutz Shrinky Dinks book. I figure Klutz won't mind if I paste their description.

The Shrinky Dinks Book

Shrinky Dinks is amazing shrinkable plastic. Draw or trace a design on it, color it, cut it out with ordinary scissors, bake it for mere minutes on a cookie sheet in your oven and, presto, your creation shrinks to 44% of its original size. You get six sheets of Shrinky Dinks® plastic in this book, along with a mind-boggling collection of ready-to-trace, ready-to-color, ready-to-shrink artwork.

For ages 6 and up
Written By: Sherri Haab & the Editors of Klutz

ISBN-10: 1-57054-407-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-57054-407-1

Like the Incredible Clay Book, this Klutz tome led to a group of kids of all ages--plus some adults--sitting around the table for hours. What could be better? Everyone has witnessed at least one post-gift meltdown. This, I believe, is the perfect antidote. By the way, I don't recommend giving both in one year. Give one book this year. Give the other next year. There aren't that many gifts of this caliber.

I must say that, though I rarely think anything is worth the money, Klutz books are generally worth the cost. Even at full price.

Do you have any "Worth It" gifts for kids?