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Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank You to the Universe for my Emergency Fund

So, the end of semester grades were turned in last night. Next comes the flurry of complaints and questions. Then...clean up the house, use up the stuff in the freezer, and reread War and Peace!

But then as I sat at the computer, a crown fell off my tooth!

Next morning, Mr. FS turned on his Dell computer. We hate Dell for its bad customer service anyway. Now we will put our vow to never buy anything from Dell again: Mr. FS was greeted by the dreaded blue screen. We took the computer to the Geeks at Best Buy and discovered that a diagnosis would cost $200.00. JUST SAY NO.

Back home, Mr. FS managed to turn the thing on again and backed up all the files just in case.

It turns out that putting the crown back on is no big deal. But we have to buy a new computer.

Tell me, is it good karma that the computer died after the semester was over? Or bad karma that it died at all? We had one computer that lasted for over 20 years. Now it seems that computers have become throwaway items with short life spans.

OMMMMMMMMMMM. We have an emergency fund for our new computer. OMMMMMMMMMM.


Duchesse said...

Was that the work you had done by "that" dentist? I'm grateful you have an emerg fund but the blue screen of death is scary even without dollars attached.

Funny about Money said...

UneedaMac! ;-)

Glad you didn't have to get a new crown. The whole crown thing is such a pain!

In the computer department, I've been consistently pleased with Mac's customer service, ever since the iMac came into my life several years ago. That's one of the main reasons I decided to go with the pricey MacBook instead of an inexpensive PC. You pay more, but you really do get more.

Duchesse said...

Was going to say Mac, too! 22 years of Macs and not one breakdown (except my iPod). You DO get more.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--This was my regular dentist. The other dentist was the oral surgeon. They have been the recipients of a big hunk of my emergency fund.

@Funny and Duchesse--The computer resurrected itself! We know it's temporary. We probably will get a mac when it dies again.

Revanche said...

I'm going to say Good Karma for the sake of generating more. (Yes, I know it doesn't work that way, but I have no idea how it really does work, either.)

As for a Mac, my only experience with Apple customer service was because of the phone, and I got them to replace the whole baggage twice because my problems with the phone were inexplicable to both parties. Can't be worse than that for the computer!