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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Best Gift for Children aged 5-14: Klutz Create Anything With Clay

Oh, I am a lazy girl. Here is another re-post from last year. Honestly, I don't have many good gift ideas. So when I have one, I have to re-use it--ditto for posts, I guess.

This is not a joke. I know what it is.
The Klutz Incredible Clay Book.*** EWRGH. This masterpiece is out-of-print??? Ok, then you must buy its successor: Create Anything with Clay.

This is under $20.00 and is a book filled with pictures of creations and a set of fimo (or sculpey) clay with which you can make anything in the book. Or whatever you want.

I know this from experience. I am not too good on gifts. Each year we used to go to Pasadena for the holidays, where we had to buy gifts for 3 nieces. Most of my efforts were ho-hum.

One year I gave the aforementioned Klutz book to one niece and watched the whole group of 5 children play with the clay for the whole day. And much of the rest.

The clay is in bright colors and flexible enough to make tiny things. Then you bake it in the oven (or toaster oven)* to harden. Why is it so much fun to make tiny hot dogs in buns with squiggles of mustard? Or tiny cabbages? I don't know why we are so delighted by miniatures, but it is so.**

My mother-in-law braved the post-Christmas crowds to buy MORE clay at the crafts store.

This became my go-to gift and it was always a hit. Even with my video-game addicted nephews.

I just thought of ANOTHER great gift. Stay tuned.
Do you have any foolproof gifts for kids?

**An academic book that explores the miniature.


Duchesse said...

1. Hand or finger puppets.

2. The most beautiful books I can get my hands on. I believe they touch a child's soul.

3. Super Marbleworks by Discovery Toys, about $35 and absolutely fantastic.

ann said...

oh, i was obsessed with this book in junior high and bought more clay too. i was just talking about the klutz series with my boyfriend - really a good line of books. i liked the friendship bracelet one as well, but for a unisex gift, you can't beat the clay.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--My kids never liked puppets, alas. But we have that Marble toy and it was a great favorite.

@ann--Thanks for the testimonial! My daughter had the friendship bracelet one also.