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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two More Picture Books for the Young and Not-So-Young

I am gradually emerging from the end-of-semester stupor. Soon I will respond to blog comments left over the past few days: I've had to be so responsive to the zillions of pieces of work recently received that it's hard to respond to anything I don't absolutely HAVE TO.

My daughter, Miss Em, loved my blog post yesterday about Napping House.

She confided that she didn't love the book quite as much as I did; maybe I read it too much?

Anyway, in my quest to revive the fortunes of the picture book, I will recommend two other favorites. Both are WORDLESS books. The illustrations can provoke endless discussion, with readers of different ages getting different things from the books.

First is one we have packed away in the attic, awaiting a new generation.

Second is one we checked out of the library time and again.

Frugal Son, for whom this was a particular favorite, was stunned to hear we never owned a copy of this one. Perhaps I should buy one for him.

Do you have a soft spot for wordless books?


Duchesse said...

Picture books always remind me of TinTin- though that is properly bande desinée, or an illustrated story.

Did you children ever read these? My sons devoured the entire series, still re-read them, and the house has TinTin memorabilia in little corners.

They are not for the very young- and in fact have an adult following. Maybe 9 and up?

SewingLibrarian said...

I like the Carl books, mostly wordless. And I like Nothing Ever Happens on my Block, in which a little boy sits on the curb and laments the lack of activity on his block while behind him all kinds of exciting events take place. A good book to look at for a long time.
We have never read the TinTin books, but if they are for older children, we still have time as mine are 10 and six.

Duchesse said...

SewingLibrarian, ten is perfect for TinTin and even a six year old can follow the story. As one of the fan sites says, "Seven to seventy-seven".

Frugal Scholar said...

@SL and D--My son still has all his Tintin books. He even bought one in China.