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Monday, December 6, 2010

Standard Gifts: Preppy Style

How I happened upon a blog called Daily Prep is something of a mystery. Muffy Aldridge is a very good writer. She's one of those people absolutely certain of her opinion: Navy=YES, Black=NO. I look on such people with awe: I am so wishy-washy.

I have learned, from my occasional visit, that "I am not a preppy, nor was meant to be." I am disqualified by many things. My taste in colors is but one: my favorite colors to wear are black (a no-no), cobalt blue, purple, cranberry (also no-nos).

The other day I found news I can use, at least in the blogging department. It turns out that Standard Gifts may, in fact, receive the preppy seal of approval. Muffy LOVES key rings made by Leatherman. In her post, she presented an array of these as they awaited wrapping. They are so cute (I think that's a prep-approved word). Little whales, sail boats, and more, all in your choice of color.

Naturally, I felt I had to peruse the offerings. What would I choose? I am so non-preppy: I don't play tennis or golf. I don't know how to sail, although my father had a sail boat for many years. I didn't see any with books, which would have been perfect.

I know. A crab-themed key ring. Not because I go crabbing. Not because I like crab very much (other seafood is more to my taste).

You guessed it: because I am VERY CRABBY at the end of the semester.


Jane said...

I have to conclude that I am also a NON prep type person. I have difficulty making snap decisions, nothing is set in stone for me and there are lots of shades of grey (and personally I love wearing black and grey).

Muffy Aldrich said...

I would guess the most frugal things are timelessly designed, well made, and well priced. I (and friends) have had plenty of these key rings that have been used for more than fifteen or twenty years, and they still look great. So less than a dollar a year! And they are made in the U.S. (Connecticut, to be exact). Having said that, I have found little correlation between people with strong opinions and people who were right. And yes, my family is thinking a crab might be an appropriate motif for me as well.

Suzy said...

I'm not preppy at all - I'm comfortable! :-)

Shelley said...

I suspect you are a 'winter' given your colour choices. Muffy looks like a summer, so of course she would prefer navy. I did the preppy thing in my 30s and it's true the clothes are classic, if a bit predictable. I am aware that being petite, the no-nonsense, no-fussy style of preppy clothes probably suits me better than most. Being wishy-washy, however, I'm not committed to the style. I also notice that she is very thin, which means any clothes she wears will look good. Lucky her. Not sure about 'cute' and preppy at 50-something. I sort of shy away from 'cute' these days, but otherwise I will probably pop down to the local Barbour factory (just across the River) and see what is on offer sometime.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Jane--I must have not explained very well. Muffy is BOTH preppy and decisive. I am neither. But I'm sure there are indecisive preppies. I'm wearing a gray sweater right now!

@Muffy Aldrich--So honored that you stopped by. I think many of your posts highlight the frugal--including your wonderful wedding post, which I may write on one of these days. Maybe we can get matching crab key rings.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Suzy--If you look at Muffy's blog, you'll see an emphasis on comfort--both in clothing and in the home.

@Shelley-I USED to be a winter. Not sure what I am now. But I do love the winter palette. I've always wanted a Barbour jacket! Lucky you.

Duchesse said...

In my long ago prep world, navy and cranberry (or as we called it, burgundy) ruled, as in a striped muffler or mens' grosgrain belts. or a cranberry v-neck with navy blazer. In the Midwest, prep was not pink and green.

Word verification is "prear", perhaps preppy+drear?