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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Egg and I: Pasta Frittata

Last month, I reported my pot luck triumph with egg salad. As a rule, I wouldn't bring egg salad to a pot luck, but it was on the list of items from which to choose. It happened that I was the maker of the BEST egg salad.

Tonight we are going to a music event, organized by some wonderful people we know. Mark and Peggy are music lovers who were habitues of a jazz cafe just minutes from their home. Post-Katrina, the cafe was no more. So instead of griping (my usual response), they created a monthly musical evening, at the home of a volunteer. Everyone chips in for the musicians and brings a dish.

We used to be on the alternate list, but we have ascended to the regular list.

Because we are near New Orleans, we get some wonderful and well-known musicians.

I am making pasta frittata, which you are supposed to do with leftovers, but I had to start from scratch.

12 eggs
half pound of linguine, cooked
some tomato sauce
some homemade pesto

In case you don't know how to make one, here is a frittata recipe.

This made a big sucker, but I have the coordinated Mr. FS to help me. He is very proud of his ability to flip a frittata.

Last time I brought a frittata (this was potato/leek) to one of these events, it was a success. Another benefit is that the frittata is easy to transport and tastes good at room temperature. No one else has ever brought one.

Now, of course, I want to re-read The Egg and I.

Or how about the book my friend Charlotte gave my baby boy?


hostess of the humble bungalow said...

The recipe involving pasta is completely new to me...I make frittatas but they are usually full of mushrooms and veggies with a smattering of feta cheese.

Glad to see that you have sounds like muscle might need to be involved!

Enjoy the music...would LOVE to see some photos FS...

elke said...

It sounds good, but really I'm commenting about the book recommendation; not only "The Egg and I", but, even better, in my opinion, "The Plague and I" and "Anybody can do anything". Definitely worth tracking down.

Duchesse said...

I'd never heard of a pasta frittata either! Congratualtions on becoming a regular, a wonderful community venture. (Someone I'm acquainted with did the same thing and were shut down b/c some neighbours called police about noise- and it didn't run late. Grinches!)

Shelley said...

Here's me thinking that all these years I was making a messy omelette when I mixed leftovers in with scrambled eggs; I was actually making a frittata. Well, sort of. I don't do the flipping thing; I really cannot bear runny egg whites and doubt I'd bother with the grill thing to finish it off. Still, I've never considered putting pasta and scrambled (my lazy approach) eggs together. I'm open for new ideas, though, and this sounds yummy. Next thing, find the recipe for homemade pesto sauce...

Boy did you bring back my childhood! I loved Dr Suess books (The Cat and the Hat was my favourite) and The Egg and I was one of Mom and Dad's books.

Anonymous said...

Maggie's responsible for teaching me this one. :)

Frugal Scholar said...

@hostess--I learned about the pasta frittata from Marcella Hazan. We didn't bring a camera--it was in an AMAZING house.

@elke--Thanks. I've been meaning to read the others for years. Now I have a reminder.

@Duchesse--Do you have Marcella Hazan. I learned from one of her cookbooks. These soirees aren't very noisy--at most 3 musicians. They are wonderful!

@Shelley--Maybe you are Italian at heart! I didn't know about the Egg and I till I was an adult. I love reading that whole genre.