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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frugal Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

As an extremely self-conscious and awkward person, I flee from costume occasions. However, I have a daughter who is neither of the above and who prides herself on costuming creativity. are two of her ideas, presented here without her permission. Please do not make use of these ideas if you are going to a Halloween party in Tuscaloosa.

Idea 1: FRIDA KAHLO. A genius idea! Miss Em has been pining for an embroidered Mexican dress for a long time. I kept saying that I could find one in a thrift store. Then, after years of no success, I encouraged her to go out with an adorable exchange student from Mexico. This year, within a week, I found two Mexican dresses at Goodwill, where they are classed as nightgowns, and so sell for $1.99. With a unibrow, drawn-on or natural, your costume is complete.

Idea 2: WOOD NYMPH. This was Miss Em's costume last year. All you need are some artificial flowers, some real leaves, some brown and green clothing. And--this is the hard part--a good hand with makeup. Check out Miss Em and her two beautiful friends here.

Honestly, I don't know where this costume genius comes from. EVERY YEAR I had to be a beatnik: my mother supplied me with a big sweater and a cigarette (!) in a holder (!).

Do you have any ideas for frugal Halloween costumes?


FB @ said...

I liked that wood nymph idea the best.

I think any costume where makeup is the main feature is probably a good choice. Perhaps a Mad Men costume if you already rock red lipstick and have the clothes.

I am not very original, I'm afraid. Halloween is not really my holiday.

Duchesse said...

I once went to a party as a gram of cocaine, which involved a dry cleaning bag and a lot of powdered sugar. And my date went as a cop.

Best for comfort? A Marcel Marceau-style mime. Overalls, bowler, face paint and a single flower, plus you don;t have to talk if you don't want to.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

My friend once went as a credit card...a painted box with VISA on it...
I am hopeless at costuming...usually went as Robin Hood as a child...a velvet vest, shorts tights and a vintage ceremonial sword!
There are many ghosts that appear at our door...all wearing sheets...

Frugal Scholar said...

@FB--I'm staying in myself! The wood nymph is great, but I might be too old to pull it off.

@Duchesse--You must write your memoirs. Love the mime idea, esp the silent part--though I tend to be a blab.

@hostess--Robin Hood is way better than beatnik.

Duchesse said...

Thank you. And the "cop" would keep grabbing me (or anyone else) and announcing "Anything you say could be held against you."

Joy M. Salyers said...

My daughter wanted to be "a mean witch" for Halloween. What a relief for me! She has a black dress and black shoes, striped tights, and a straw kids' broom. The only thing I bought was a $2 child's witch hat.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Joy--I like the striped tights! I love when people use what they have.