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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Progress Report: Duchesse's Challenge, Very Boring Post

Soooooooo, Duchesse suggested that some of her many admirers undertake one of those wardrobe challenges: 6 items, 10 items, whatever. She calls it "Express Checkout."

I didn't really think this would make a big difference for me. I am not a huge retail shopper and, in fact, probably should spend MORE on clothing than I do.

I started early (Monday Oct 11) and decided to add till I got up to 10 items. So far, I have worn 8: black jeans, black ponte pants, black turtleneck, charcoal turtleneck, cream top, and 3 long cardigans in black, magenta, and green.

This hasn't been hard EXCEPT that I keep spilling things on my clothes. TWICE I dropped a cracker with peanut butter on my entire ensemble, necessitating two washes.

The OTHER hard thing is that I am going crazy trying to decide on the last two pieces. I am so indecisive. I might wear a red top tomorrow, but then I'll only have ONE to choose.

When can I stop?


Anonymous said...

Is the challenge to see how many days you can go with the same 10 items?

metscan said...

Good for you for managing so far! I wonder how the challenged will feel about the clothes, they chose to wear, after challenge is over?

Shelley said...

Not boring at all, really. I have a rough picture in mind of you, obviously you are comfortable wearing black and have a sort of uniform you like and I can imagine a cracker tumbling down the front of your outfit!

I appreciate the sentiment behind the challenge, having enjoy packing light for Italy, but I'm not participating. I'm sticking with my game of 'one colour focus per month'. It's helping me weed out clothes wonderfully!

Duchesse said...

I'll post tomorrow on my experience so far but don't expect to feel any differently about these items post-experiment, a black cashmere V-neck will always be a backbone of my wardrobe. However, when I wore maternity clothes I never wanted to see them again! Am already thinking of where I will take a lot of clothes I no longer need or want.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Terri--It's make your own rules. I chose to start with 10. I', up to about 14 now (mostly because I forgot I was supposed to be doing it). SHHHH. Don't tell.

@metscan--I picked basics. Nothing is new. I still like them.

@Shelley--Yeah--black pants and top with colored sweater or jacket. OR black pants and sweater with colored top.

@Duchesse--Maternity clothes are so nice now! Be careful not to get rid of too much--esp things that would be difficult to replace.

Monroe on a budget said...

I haven't exactly done that but I do admit my clothing purchases focus on solid colors.

Just dress it up with jewelry, hair bows!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Monroe--Oh, I love your blog. Haven't read it for a while (general flakiness), but will head over there RIGHT NOW. Thanks for commenting.