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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Anticipation: Nantes?

A while back I wrote about the possibility of going to Nantes and staying in the home of Frugal Son's favorite teacher, who travels during her summers. Well! It is starting to shape up.

Vous êtes donc les bienvenus à Rezé l’été prochain si vous le souhaitez. Et qui sait ? La Louisiane nous attirera peut-être un jour ….

So happy! We assumed we would rent, but D. said "non." Even so, this will be an expensive proposition: tickets for 2 are, at this writing, $3000.

Does anyone know how one would budget for the rest of the trip? Also, what kind of gift would be a good one for super-generous hosts?

à bientôt


Marcela said...

How long would you stay? I am assuming you want to budget for groceries and a few trips around the area? Let me know what you would like to do and I will happily help you budget, I love France!
As for gifts, I generally bring something typical from home and I try to find out what it is my guests like (for example if they like poetry I would try to find a good edition of Borge's poems (or of other less known Argentinian authors) in both Spanish and English/French, etc). I have French friends to whom I can ask what is customary in France if you want!
You can also email me at

Frugal Scholar said...

@Marcela--Thanks so much! My daughter will also be in Greece (she hopes) so maybe you can offer advice about that too. So happy!

Marcela said...

Sure, just send me an email telling what you and your daughter would need and I'll find out the info!

Duchesse said...

I tend to either bring comestibles (mostly spirits) or something of very good quality, such as an art glass paperweight, easy to carry. When I am in France for awhile I buy something there, like a fine cognac (if you know they drink alcohol.)

The French are proud of their products and (unless teens) not all that taken with US goods. My French friends would rather have an Hermes beach towel than a Ralph Lauren one.

Marcela said...

I agree with Duchesse regarding the fact that the French (and the Italians, for that matter) love their own luxury goods, or things they are best at (cheese, perfumes, wine), so it's better not to buy American equivalents to those objects.
I also like to buy something for the hosts before leaving. A good cognac is a nice option. In the past I have also left things like a basket of exotic fruits, different good cheeses and wine for them to enjoy upon their return.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse and MArceal--I think thawt may be right. My French friend brings very little to France (mostly Carhart clothing!), and brings tons of stuff back.