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Friday, February 25, 2011

Psychomachia: Another Good Deal (from Chico's this time)

Sorry readers. I KNOW I have too much stuff. I KNOW that I don't need anything. I KNOW that spending does not really involve saving. I KNOW that temptation often puts super bargains in my path. I KNOW it's hard not to peek at emails offering good deals, even though I should delete.

You know: the little angel and the little devil from Tom and Jerry? That's a modern version of psychomachia, or the battle for the soul, from a medieval work of the same name.

If you took a British lit course in college, you may know it from Marlowe's Doctor Faustus, where the good and bad angels make frequent appearances, and where Doctor F always chooses the WRONG PATH.

OK, I've given you enough time to choose the right path. But in case you need anything from the dreaded Chico's (where I have been subject to poor customer service both in store and on-line!), there is a good deal around. First of all, as stylish blogger DejaPseu noted a few days ago, the Chico's ponte pants that I like are on sale for $39. NOT BAD.

But, if you spend a total of $50 at Chico's (and they just reduced some of their sale items), you can use this code: 4373, which will give you $25.00 off a purchase of at least $50.00.

You do have to pay for shipping, if you are not in the Passport Club (which requires spending $500, a level I have not yet reached in 5 years). But WAIT! My mother is a Passport member, so if I use her number, I get free shipping. If you have a friend in the blessed Passport sorority order for you, you get free shipping too. I think the shipping charge is worth it though. I hate driving to stores.

OK, I succumbed. And I succumbed last week to the other good deal (though everything I got was for other family members).

It is fun to get new things, even if we don't end up looking like Helen of Troy (or a succubus version of her), as presented in these famous lines from Doctor Faustus:

Was this the face that launch'd a thousand ships,
And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?
Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.
Her lips suck forth my soul: see where it flies!
Come, Helen, come, give me my soul again.
Here will I dwell, for heaven is in these lips,
And all is dross that is not Helena.

The code is only good till 2/27. btw.


Duchesse said...

You might know the measure of beauty known as the "milliHelen" based on this passage in Doctor Faustus; a description here:

Sometimes deals are really worth it!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--You are a fount of obscure information: new to me.

Pearl said...

I submitted yesterday to an online sale for Lee Jeans (50%), which is where I have bought the only jeans I've worn for the last decade... complete meltdown/submission! And I love that when I teach Faustus in theatre history, my students immediately know the good angel/bad angel reference, if nothing else. Makes an easy way in to discussion, since we've all faced it.

Frugal Scholar said...

@PEarl--The only problem is that my students always think Doctor F is an idiot--no sympathy for his aspirations. I tell them that all the writers and artists were English majors!

paasamson said...

Right before I read your comment, I had placed an order with Chicos. I called them with the coupon code and they gave me the $25 off. Thank you so much because you saved me $25.