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Monday, February 21, 2011

No Posts: A Multiple Choice Exam and a Beautiful Sentence

Why no posts? In 25plus years of teaching, I have never given a multiple choice exam. Here goes. My first.

a. Because I was in California visiting my father-in-law.
b. Because there's no internet access.
c. Except at the public library.
d. The weather was cold and stormy.
e. I was VERRRRRY sick the whole time.
f. With various weird--and I hope unrelated--symptoms.
g. I could go on.

The answer, as so often on such exams, is ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Since I didn't go anywhere, I didn't spend any money. Oh, by request, we bought Miss Em several giant chocolate bars from Trader Joe's.

As always, the best things in life are free: we saw a rainbow and my father-in-law, a very brainy guy still at 92, uttered the following sentence:

I like the Prokofiev piece even though it lacks the structural transparency and integrity of the Beethoven

Is it not worth a plane ticket and several days to hear a sentence like that one?


Funny about Money said...

ohhhh it sounds like a difficult week. Sorry to hear you were sick...few things are worse than being sick away from home.

Nice sentence. Hope you and Mr. FS are uttering the like when you're 92.

Anonymous said...

We're still jealously nibbling on a TJ's giant chocolate bar that my parents gave us at Christmas. :)

Revanche said...

I'm sorry we didn't have better weather to offer you during your visit, most especially since you weren't feeling well!

Shelley said...

Given you have a whole host of valid reasons, I guess we'll give you a break. I never thought of Beethoven has demonstrating transparency or integrity before; must listen for that sometime... as if I would recognise those qualities! Sounds brilliant to be so sharp at 92!

Duchesse said...

Oh Frugal I am sorry; it's so hard to be sick away from home. Your FIL sounds keenly appreciative- what an ear!

Frugal Scholar said...

@Funny--I don't know if I've ever uttered a sentence like that one. I may have written one now and again.

@NM--We bought my daughter 5. She eats them one square at a time.

@Revanche--It WAS dismal. But it was only our second yucky vacation in 20 years--not bad. Plus, it was really to see father-in-law.

@Shelley--He has an amazing mind. Truly awesome.

@Duchesse--Yes--incredible sensitivity to language and to music. A wonderful writer and thinker. I am lucky to know him.