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Friday, November 25, 2011

More Specials I Will not Avail Myself Of: Black Friday and Beyond

No way will I enter a store today! However, several stores entered my email with some tempting offers. I really don't need anything right now, but maybe you do.

Cuddledown: luxe linens. One day, I will get linen sheets. Today, 25% off EVERYTHING. I suppose that includes the furniture?

Ballard Designs: decor. I've bought two things from this company, burlap curtains on supersale last year and some Olivia tables, which are on sale right now. 10% off everything (except Bring Home Ballard, which includes my tables) PLUS FREE SHIPPING. This last is a real deal (over $50 for the free ship)!

LL Bean: preppy stuff. 10% off (15% if you have their Visa) plus FREE shipping (which they always have) plus a $10 gift card if you spend $50plus. The last is good till December 24; the first for a few days.

Lands End: LLB wannabe. Now it's 30% off sitewide, plus free shipping. These offers have become so commonplace as to be ho hum. I mean, ho ho ho.

Mr FS was planning to go to Lowes to buy a router for woodworking. He didn't know it was Black Friday. I talked him out of going to the store.

I asked Frugal Son via on-line chat what he wanted for the holidays and he said "Dunno. Meh."
Miss Em wants a camera.


Shelley said...

Bill gives me his wishlist, compiled over the past few months. I remove the items that I am going to purchase for him and pass it on to his three children, asking for their wish lists. They send them to me and Bill and I purchase a few items from those lists. They might also get something spotted on our travels that looked like it might suit. The items on the wish list I've seen are not big ticket ones - £65 for a GPS, £44 for a bottle of perfume, £4-5 for a book. With Bill I am relatively generous (which I'm sure in no way compares to anyone else's definition of generous). For everyone else on my list, I aim to give three items: something I bought, something I sewed/crafted, something I baked. The crafting hasn't gone to plan this year, so it may be slightly more expensive, but nothing to damage the credit card. What IS it about people and STUFF? I can't imagine you on your deathbed wishing you'd had better sheets, but if you think you would do, by all means go buy some for yourself as your Christmas gift to yourself! And do let us know if they are as wonderful as their price tag suggests! My suspicion is that the best part of having 350 thread count sheets or whatever is telling people you have them. It must take some sort of creativity to work that into a conversation, mind...LOL. But I've just given you the excuse for the purchase - as research for your blog readers.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--Though I usually agree with you, I must disagree on the sheets. They are one of my greatest pleasures. I have wonderful sheets, so will not buy the expensive ones. But if I had a sheet gap, that is one area where I would spend the dough. Talk about cost per use.

Shelley said...

Are your wonderful sheets wonderful because of their thread count? I can't imagine we'll have a need to buy sheets for the rest of our lives, we have so many. They are very old and soft and Bill still irons sheets as well, which may improve their quality. I do think that sleeping well is paramount, I just don't have any experience with the quality of sheets I read about.