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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Offers I Will Not Avail Myself Of

But maybe you want to:

Garnet Hill has $20 off $100 on full price merch.
Savings alert! Now through Monday, SAVE $20 when you spend $100! It’s the perfect time to grab gifts, or that special something you’ve been eyeing. Use code H1W158B at checkout to SAVE!

*$20 Off $100 offer is valid through November 14, 2011. Offer applies to full-price merchandise total on orders shipping to a single address and does not include the purchase of Gift Cards, g...

Then, Lands End has 25% off everything and free shipping over $50. Remember, you can return to Sears.

LL Bean has 10% off everything through Sunday night.

Then, Ballard Designs has a 15% off code. Email if you want it.

I myself don't need anything at the moment. What a wonderful feeling of (over)abundance.


Duchesse said...

I am seeing these and more offers daily, which I take as a sign of a very sluggish economy.

Duchesse said...

Hah! Back to say that after you reminded me of that LE offer I logged on and bought two down parkas (one for son for Xmas, one for Le Duc) and a sweater for me. Prices were really good, return policy excellent. (Many B&M stores here will not give refund, only credit, and that within a tight time frame.)

Funny about Money said...

Crate & Barrel is advertising a big mark-down.

Costco has a huge Black Friday sale coming up.

As you've observed in the past, though...if you don't need it, it's not a bargain no matter how far they cut the price.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse--Glad to help! Hope they like the gifts.