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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Selling Clothing: Tradesy Experience

A reader asked for a report on Tradesy selling. Tradesy is a site through which you sell clothing, shoes, accessories. You send a picture, set the price, and cross your fingers. As with Ebay, you keep the item till it sells. Unlike Ebay, your listing remains indefinitely. Listing is free.

Tradesy is a pure middleman. They take 10% of your selling price and charge a fee if you choose Paypal rather than credit. The buyer's price INCLUDES shipping and the 10% fee, so there is a spread between what you get and what the buyer pays.

I hate selling on Ebay, way too stressful in many ways.

Miss Em and I listed about 30 items, mostly shoes. We set the prices lower than suggested. So far we have sold 14. The lowest price was for some Susana Monaco stretchy stuff. The highest prices were for some Frye boots and some Uggs. We've netted about $350, for Miss Em's return to USA clothing fund.

Luckily, all items except the Uggs were thrifted--and even the Uggs were vastly on sale--so we haven't lost any money.

Tradesy is EASY. You get an email when your item sells; a few days later you get your selling kit, which consists of a pre-addressed Tyvek envelope. You stuff the stuff in and that's it. EASY.

More tips to follow.


Kitty, USA said...

Thank you FS for writing this up. I just wanted a 'character reference' on Tradesy before I dove in.
Again, thanks for your blog. Kitty

Duchesse said...

Have never had 'a bad experience' as an eBay seller. What is that?

You have to pack and ship it just the same, and can set your eBay setting to repeat indefinitely if wished. Perhaps I have been lucky, and the kinds of items I sold were for a more mature market than I sense appeals to Tradesy.

The Frugal Shrink said...

Agree that Tradesy is MUCH better and easier than Ebay! You're the reason I tried it in the first place, so thanks for the info. :)

Atlanta Web Designer said...

How long did it take for your items to begin selling?

Frugal Scholar said...

@AWD--It took a while--maybe a month? We listed our items VERY cheaply. So far, we've sold perhaps half.

Becky Roberds said...

I can see that lots of shoes and purses sell on Tradesy. Anybody have experience just selling clothes? I've had about 75 items on for a brands, modern and priced cheaply...haven't sold a thing.

Frugal Scholar said...

@BeckyRoberds--I've closed my Tradesy acct--and am now selling elsewhere. The one that starts with P!