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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why I Don't Like to Spend A Lot on Clothing: A True But Not Tragic Story from Serbia

While I was conflicted about wanting/not wanting half-price Eileen Fisher, an opportunity that appeared in my inbox one day, I got this little piece in a chat. Miss Em is in Serbia. Before she left, we took a load of clothing to the Buffalo Exchange. We mostly took cash, but she took a bit in credit to get one of those Eileen Fisher silk tees that is always touted as travel clothing par excellence. This new with tags shirt was only $12 at the Buf and it had been there a while. Perhaps it was too staid for their hipster clientele.

Not only did the shirt get damaged, but Miss Em was a bit disillusioned about its travelworthiness. This came under the title of Tragedy: Mini. Please excuse the no-caps style in which Miss Em and I--English majors both--conduct our rushed chats on-line.

i ruined my purple eileen fisher shirt :(
thank god i paid $12 for it and not $117
because i thought the container of bleach was laundry detergent--because it was on top of the washing machine
i can still wear it--but the fabric feels horrible and stretched out
no more of that great fall to it--though honestly it was not so good anyway because it was always wrinkled! even though it claims to resist wrinkles
i blame it on CYRILLIC

To me, having expensive clothing is stressful! For good reason.

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Shelley said...

I've noticed lately that charity shops in my area have a lot of garbage clothes, made from cheap fabric. Clothes that come from supermarkets and fast fashion shops. I miss the day when I could find merino wool or tweed items. It seems as though the quality 'granny' garments I used to love have all been cycled through and more of what is on offer is the stuff the kids are bored with, things that barely survive a couple of washings. I think of it another result of the recession. Has it hit harder over here? Or is it a matter of shops skimming the good stuff for their special shops (not many up here in the North)?

Have you noticed any difference in the quality at thrifts since 2008?