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Monday, October 21, 2013

Stretch Cooking: Tortilla Soup

An obvious stretch from Ina Garten's chicken chili (see previous post).

Tortilla Soup

a few blobs of chicken chili
some stock made from the rotisserie carcass
another small can of tomatoes
some of the kidney beans I made by accident

Voila: soup!

I also added a can of hominy (or try corn), some crumbled chips.

Top with cheddar

Hot sauce to taste

Time: 5 minutes????

I got another idea after I made this. Luckily, I had a bit of chicken chili left. Can you think of something else?


SewingLibrarian said...

Oh, my husband wouldn't want to see the same food so many days in a row! I'd probably freeze the original dish and serve it later in the month. I agree that control of the food budget is important.

tess said...

Yum, work those left overs.

Today's soup of the day was made up of previously roast onions and carrots in a broth made of the remains (cough) of a previously eaten smoked chicken, additions will be slips of red wine in a bottle yet to be opened and fresh croutons from day old bread heels.

Kitty, USA said...

Dear FS:

My comment isn't regarding today's soup. I didn't see a way to contact/connect to ask a question. I hope this is ok.

I wondered how your experience was with Tradesy. I have some EF and Dana Buchman (among other things) to sell and the local consignment shops ultimately only provide pennies for these items. Are you satisfied to date with your selling on Tradesy? If you could advise somehow on your website by answering here in comments or perhaps a blog post. It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your blog - I appreciate your writing style and substance. Kitty