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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheating! Good Deals for College Students Double Post

My first slacker activity of the new school year. I just posted this on the College Cooking blog. It's useful information, if you are or know a college student.

Sam's Club offers college students a $15.00 gift card with its regular $40.00 membership. Math majors: This makes the membership $25.00, right? You have to get this in-store, I think. Miss Em is going to join, with a parent as a co-member.

We don't buy much there, but it's worth it for cheese. Most of the goods are sized too large for college students.

Meanwhile, Amazon is working towards world domination by offering students free Amazon Prime. Needless to say, this is designed to get you to purchase your textbooks from Amazon. Prime means you don't need to get to $25.00 for free shipping. Plus, you get 2-day shipping.

So, students, in addition to whatever else you need: remember your rice cooker.


Shelley said...

Is there a link to your College Cooking blog on Frugal Scholar? If so, I'm overlooking it...

Frugal Scholar said...

@Shelley--Good point! On blogroll. Thanks.